How to Combat Hair Loss With Natural Remedies That Work

Men and women start losing hair for many non-genetic and genetic reasons. Today over 60 million people suffer from hair loss due to eating habits, depressi…

In order to treat hair loss, therefore, one must be able to identify what triggered the hair loss.

While hair loss can be depressing, the positive news is that there are treatments and products available on the market to stop your hair loss and regrow your hair. Researchers have found that a combination of certain minerals and herbal additives can promote your hair’s growth rate when massaged directly into the scalp over time. These herbs and minerals can also effectively reduce the effects of DHT on your hair. If you want to go the chemical route, then there are many options on the market ranging from Rogain, Propecia, ScalpMed and Avacor. Propecia and Rogain have actually achieved popular acclaim. However, all of these products have side effects. Nevertheless, they can give you modest hair growth gains over time. Yet, be mindful that when you stop purchasing any of these products you will lose the gains you made. Also, many customers report that their scalps show signs of irritation and redness when using these products.

You also have the option of having a hair transplant, which will more than likely meet all of your appearance needs. However, this solution is currently too overpriced for most people; and the procedures are not covered by insurance.

Finally, there are a few all-natural hair care alternative products that do not contain chemicals, but instead employ natural ingredients used by the Chinese, Indian, African, and Aztec civilizations for hair regrowth The most successful of these natural hair care companies is Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co., who makes a Super Gro System that contains a multitude of hair growth stimulating essential oils, herbs, and roots proven to promote hair growth.

Regardless of which option you choose, you must understand that growing your hair will cost you money, patience, and time. After working with several hair loss clients over the past 40 years, including my own hair, my recommendation is the following:

If you are certain your hair loss is from hereditary or genetically induced, then try the chemical products or pay for a hair transplant. Propecia is a good choice to start with. However, if your hair has just begun to thin, your hair simply won’t grow, or you are uncertain what has triggered your hair loss, purchase Beauty for Ashes hair growth products at wwwdiscoverb4acom, which contain almost every hair growth stimulating ingredient that exists on the planet Earth. Their Super Gro System works wonders for just about all of my clients, who are not genetically predisposed to balding. The system contains a conditioner, shampoo, scalp gel, hair oil, and hair mist. Another benefit of all of their products is that they ar loaded with vitamins, so you do not have to add another stack of hair growth pills to your existing morning vitamin buffet.

You can regrow or grow your hair. Overall, natural products are better than their chemical counterparts because they lack the side effects that can conflict with your other medications and health, but chemicals products are a far less expensive option than surgery.