How to choose toothpaste and toothbrush?

Brush your teeth is to maintain oral hygiene is one important way, it can remove food debris and oral part of the tooth surface plaque, and can prevent som…

Brush your teeth is to maintain oral hygiene is one important way, it can remove food debris and oral part of the tooth surface plaque, and can prevent some subgingival plaque accumulation, as well as the role of massage gums. However, if the inappropriate choice of toothbrush and brushing method is not correct, but can occur gum abrasions, puncture or the resulting gingival inflammation and gingival recession, resulting root surface exposure, may also form a wedge-shaped defect in the tooth neck. To avoid this, we must use that fit their own care toothbrush.

So, what is health care toothbrush it? Ministry of Health in 1978 identified “health toothbrush standard” to promote the use of national health-care toothbrush. Toothbrush oral health care is in line with health standards, which can effectively remove plaque toothbrush. Specifically, can not be too large too broad brush What are the benefits of all-ceramic dental head, neck, not too small, too thin bristles can not be too thick, brush the top should be rounded after treatment, the hair bundle interval should not be too close too sparse, the brush handle should be designed, which will help hold grip.

Why do you want to use care toothbrush? Because health toothbrush has its own characteristics. Brush size according to different ages, oral vary by size. Brush is too large, in the oral cavity rotation is not flexible, and some parts of the brush can not; brush smaller, operate freely in the mouth, can brush to clean the various parts; bristles moderate hardness, rounded bristles top, to avoid damage gums and teeth, and massages gums; In addition, the hair bundle interval distance appropriate, easy to clean and maintain the toothbrush itself; brush handle designed not only beneficial to grasp, and easy-depth oral.

In the choice of health care toothbrush, but also according to age and characteristics, to choose their own toothbrush. Now commercially available health toothbrush, a variety of shapes and a variety of models and brands. The best choice for a small primary school pupils with the toothbrush; optional rugged adult toothbrush, some brands of toothbrushes also between men and women; for the elderly or Reasons for implant loosening people suffering from periodontal disease, you should use hair or valuables flexible toothbrush; for some of the ongoing correction of the teeth of young people wearing braces, you can use a specially designed orthodontic toothbrushes. Here also remind you that no matter what choice of toothbrush every three months or so should be replaced with new toothbrushes, used for too long, will accumulate a lot of bacteria on the toothbrush. In addition, when the bristles appear curved, lodging or off, they should be replaced immediately.

With a good toothbrush, toothpaste should be appropriate. Here to talk about the choice of toothpaste. Present a wide range of toothpaste on the market, whether imported or domestically produced, ordinary or drugs, high middle and low everything, the choice must be based on the user’s selection of mouth situation. For children and school children, due to the low level of calcification of deciduous teeth, the new fissure eruption of permanent teeth in deeper, higher prevalence of dental caries, plus more than a sweet tooth, so the best use of fluoride toothpaste. Because the hardness of fluorine can strengthen teeth to enhance the acid resistance of teeth to achieve the purpose of preventing dental caries. With a fluoride toothpaste is an easy-to promote the anti-caries measures. Clinical observations show that the use of fluoride toothpaste twice a one day brush teeth, dental caries can be reduced by 30% -40%, but in areas with high fluoride in drinking water of residents do not need the use of fluoride toothpaste. For the elderly, due to tooth wear longer, thinner enamel, when eating cold, hot, sour, sweet food, easy to produce pain, medically known as “dentin hypersensitivity”, this may use desensitization toothpaste. For people suffering from periodontal disease, you can use with inflammation, bleeding, or toothpaste with herbal ingredients. For the love of smoking, drinking tea people, teeth are easy to color, speckle can use toothpaste. In addition, the choice of toothpaste, the toothpaste should be chosen in the high-end, these relatively small abrasive toothpaste, cleaning effect, it is not easy to damage the teeth, to protect the teeth is very good.

Many patients often ask a doctor: My teeth hurt one day, what is the use of toothpaste? Toothpaste, dental treatment can only play a supporting role, but can not afford treatment. Therefore, once with dental problems, or should actively go to the hospital treatment, but can not simply rely on the toothpaste.