How India can be a Healthy Nation?

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Medical services in India have always been an area of concern because the advancement in the same sector has not been made up to expectations. However, in the recent years several steps have been taken to change the face of Indian medical industry, and a few commendable steps are up for the execution.

Now, when India is ready for the enhancement of its health care industry; one must illustrate what exactly are the points on which the government or local bodies should act upon immediately. We tried to find out the key points and able to hold the bottleneck, which mainly includes:

  • Supply of crucial medical information in remote areas.
  • Awareness about common diseases in rural and sub-urban areas.
  • Medical camps in areas with poor health background.
  • Supply of basic medical equipments, medications and essential things in the backward regions.
  • Awareness among the youth regarding communicable diseases.
  • Availability of medical information online
  • Availability of doctors, health care specialist and other medical facilities online.

What are the constraints?

The main constraint in fulfilling the above mentioned requirements are the scarcity of the health care professionals in India. According to the World Health Organization, there must be 2.35 doctors on the population of 1000 people; India is far behind that ratio as the country just has 0.65 doctors for the same number of people. Without good number of health care professionals, it is just not possible to educate the people about common medical terms, to treat large number of ailing individuals and to held medical camps in needful locations.

 Further, the lack of common medications is another obstacle in the path of achieving the goal of ‘Healthy India’. Thus, India needs to have surplus of common medications to improve the status of health care among the common people.

It is just not that Indian health care system is not up to the mark in rural areas, but the people in urban regions also do not have knowledge about common health care terminology as there is no proper mechanism to educate such people. However, with the availability of the internet – it is not a daunting task to make the people aware about basic health care terms. There should be an online source from where entire medical information can be retrieved and the same source should be promoted among the common people, so that they can use the same to the most.

Cost of Treatment

The cost of treatment in India is quite low in comparison to other nations of the world, but it is good news for the people from abroad as they can come here for low cost care and treatment. As per the local cost of living, the health care services are costly for the common people which need to be brought down, so that individual with weakest financial background can also enjoy the standard health care services.

If India ably overcome the mentioned constraints, then within few years the country can enjoy the status of ‘Healthy Nation’.