Hospitals in Mumbai Stand Out in All Aspects

Mumbai is the most densely populated city in India. People inhabiting in different areas of the city are prone to several diseases. In order to save their …

Mumbai is the most densely populated city in India. People inhabiting in different areas of the city are prone to several diseases. In order to save their lives with immediate hospitality and nourishment, the government of India and several other private agencies have opened a vast number of hospitals, dispensaries and health care clinics throughout the city.

Hospitals in Mumbai ensure you quality medical care services which are second to none. They offer multi-specialty services which can be compared to the standards of the hospitals in US, Australia, Singapore, and Europe etc. Be it related to infrastructure, intensive care, experienced faculty or cost effectiveness, these hospitals excel in all aspects. Cost effectiveness is the most important reason, why they have achieved outstanding standards. General practitioners of medical science can gain huge skill and experience, if employed with any such hospitals in the city.

The hospitals are equipped with all the essential instruments, technology and faculty required for treatment of various illnesses. In recent years, they have excelled in areas of transplantations (heart, kidney and bone marrows), cancer care, surgeries including nose, heart, abdominoplasty etc. Hospitals like Apollo and Fortis provide personalized medical care to foreign patients. With their gaining popularity, Mumbai hospitals are attracting patients worldwide and on the same hand giving a tough competition to the sophisticated hospitals of the developed countries!

Best Hospitals in Mumbai are not only rated as the best in the country but all over the world. Treatment of every possible ailment can be done there. Each part of these hospitals are offering multi-specialty treatments that could heal your pain and along with that also ensure you a cost effective one. No doubt the faculty is highly educated and skilled but these hospitals also stress on employing staff which can speak English fluently. People from all over the world come to these hospitals on medical tourism.

Here is an overview of some of the best hospitals in Mumbai:

A. Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre (LHRC) is one of the famous medical care institutes in the city which provide world class medical facilities and technologies. Equipped with 300 bed facilities, this hospital is affordable for the common man as well as the wealthiest man in town.

B. Tata Memorial Hospital stands as the first in dealing with bone marrow transplantations in the country. This hospital has also joined hands with the National Cancer Institute of USA for cancer research and care.

C.Asian Heart Institute is the best rated hospital in offering world class heart care facilities.

Worchhard Hospitals, Apollo Group of Hospitals and Fortis Hospital provides the best health care facilities, attracting a number of foreign tourists.

It is advisable that you note whether these hospitals are registered with the government and check for the hidden costs.