Hospitals in Dubai Provide Cost Effective Treatment

These hospitals provide medical care services all over the world. The services are provided to both whether resident or not. The hospitals are well equippe…

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates. Around 1,588 sq mi (4,110 km2) of area is covered by the place. Dubai is famous for its natural beauty. There are many residential and commercial complexes. Also, the place is well known because of the hospitals. Hospitals in Dubai are documented as best health centers. They provide excellent and high class health care services at reasonable cost. Basically, the services are very much cost effective.

In Dubai, there are about 20 hospitals and clinics and 78000 patients in each hospital. Both public as well private hospitals are there in Dubai. Hospitals in Dubai are managed and controlled by the department of health and medical services. All the hospitals and clinics are compulsorily registered with the department. In public health care centers, services are provided free of cost. No amount is being charged from the patients on account of treatment. The main aim of public sector is to provide social welfare by offering free services to patients. They use latest technology for treatment purposes. The doctors are also very professional and provide friendly environment to their patients. Service charges are more or less remaining same for all the patients. People belonging to low income group, it is better to consider government hospitals or health centers. As, they provide cost-effective services to all patients.

On the other hand, there are also private hospitals in Dubai.  The private health care centers are wholly or partially owned by private agencies. Same as public centers, these hospitals are also registered under the department of health and medical services. Dubai hospitals are deliberately positioned for easy access to anyone in need. In private hospitals, patients are given fair priority. As compared to public hospitals, service charges are high. They charge fees on the basis of quantity and type of medical service provided. In case of private health care center, service charges vary from patient to patient.

These hospitals provide medical care services all over the world. The services are provided to both whether resident or not. The hospitals are well equipped with latest advancement in technology. In Dubai, cosmetic surgery is becoming very popular. Most of the people are attracted towards board certified, highly skilled, cosmetic surgeons. These surgeons are certified under the board of health and medical services. Also, the physicians provide treatment against oncology, cardiology, physiotherapy and many more. The main focus is to provide satisfactory services to every citizen. Following are the additional services provided by health care centers such as:

1.    Vaccinations 2.    Immunizations 3.    Exams for medical fitness 4.    Psychiatric treatments 5.    Yoga therapy 6.    Rehabilitation from injuries 7.    Health education tips

Other than the above services, they also provide insurance services for term benefits. They offer medical insurance services to their esteemed patients to cover the risk of uncertainty. The management also organizes various cultural programs to provide educational tips regarding health. One can search for the best medical services through internet.