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This is a professional who helps disabled or elderly people to live in their own homes instead of in a health care facility or nursing home. They will work…

This is a professional who helps disabled or elderly people to live in their own homes instead of in a health care facility or nursing home.   They will work with people who are recovering from surgeries, illnesses, or injuries to help them live a healthy, safe life and recover in their own home.  In some situations, a home health aide may work with the same client for many years but in some cases, the time they spend with the client may be much shorter.  It could be as short as a few weeks to as long as several months.  Depending on what type of care is needed some aides will have more than one client they are attending.

The main purpose of being a home health aide is to provide the client with routine housekeeping and personal care.  Many times a relative will help out with the client’s recovery but if the relative is working or needs a break the aide will do what is necessary.  It could be just a few hours a day or it could be an eight-hour shift during the day, evening, or overnight.  You could even be on-call and work when needed.  Being an aide, you would help them get in and out of bed, with getting dressed and ready for bed, fixing their meals, taking them to their doctor’s appointments, brushing their hair, and more.

Being a home health aide, you are not taking over the responsibilities of a nurse or doctor but at times, you may have to perform health-related tasks such as changing bandages, making sure that they are getting their medication, etc.  Whatever these medical services would be would be carried out according to the instructions of the nurse or doctor.  If general exercises need to be done that do not require a physical therapist to help them regain their strength or range of motion an aide can help with those.

It may also be their responsibility to record their client’s vital information like their temperature, pulse rate, respiration, how much they drank or ate, their urine output, how much they slept, pain level in regards to their surgery or injury, and more.  If they are changing bandages they may need to note what the site looks like and if it appears infected, draining, etc you would need to contact their physician or nurse.  With the right training, some health care aides may also work with their client’s medical equipment like a ventilator or oxygen tank.

As you can see, the responsibilities of a home healthcare aide will vary from client to client.  In order to be a good aide you need to have compassion, strength, and stamina along with organizational skills to perform all the tasks required.

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