Home Based opticians for eye test

The home health clinic is a UK based health clinic. They provide home based modern day treatment for your eye and hearing problem. Their services provided …

The home health clinic is a UK based health clinic. They provide home based modern day treatment for your eye and hearing problem. Their services provided to residents of, London, Middlesex and in the surrounding areas.

Early, we can’t even think about home based eye check ups. But, with this company this is possible.

You may think that home based treatment will be not good as clinic or hospital based treatment. But if you get to know about the home health clinic then this opinion of yours will definitely change. Because they don’t only have experienced opticians, they have modern technology equipment too.

All home visiting optician of the home health clinic is highly experienced because they are among the famous optometrists of the UK. They are very warm by their nature.

Any people can have these services who don’t have time to visit a clinic. Specially old age persons, bed ridden persons or physically challenged person had difficulty in visiting a clinic. So for them home health clinic brings this golden opportunity to have eye care at home. Beside this, good eye care is not always available. For them also home visiting optician are the best option.

The eyes are one of the most essential sense of the human body. It gives us the chance to see this beautiful world. Without eyes or a proper eye sight anyone can feel worthless. So it is important to maintain a good eye care.

If you are looking for home eye test clinic then, you are right place. Services provided by them are as follows –

Eye test Eye test explained Low vision assessment Falls prevention NHS entitlement Lighting assessment Nutritional vision supplement

In case of Glaucoma, Cataract and other eye condition an eye test is required. Or changes in spectacle prescription too need an eye test. Diabetes, blood pressure and other general medical conditions also play a major role in eye health.

This eye test at home required only 30 minutes. By this time the optician will able to know about what problem the patient is suffering from. After this the optician will use a slit lamp to see whether the patient is suffering from near distance or far distance problem.

After the test is done, they suggest you to use spectacles and take medicine. Nowadays, many people use lenses instead of spectacles.))

Low vision assessment is given to those who already have a problem with their eye sight. After identifying the problem they will tell you what kind of magnification you need to carry out different tasks.

Home health clinic have well experienced low vision specialized optometrists because they have worked for years in clinics and hospitals.

In UK people over 75 years have a fall that leads them to disability or death. Also NHS cause around £2.3 billion per year for this purpose. Poor eye conditions can lead to this conditions. That is why a regular eye check up is very essential. Different fall prevention assessment is given here to minimize all sort of activities that caused a fall. This assessment is helpful to fall prone individuals.

People with NHS entitlement will also get free early eye check ups, if they fall under below conditions –

Aged over 70 years Suffering from diabetes or glaucoma.

Using poor lighting for reading and other purpose for a long time can lead to a crisis eye condition. Also researchers found that, people of 80 years need 4% more light than they need it when they are 20 years of old. The home health clinic can assess the lighting around your house to provide you the most suitable and correct lighting. Also nutritional vision supplement is also provided by the home health care if you need them. In short we can say that, the home health clinic gives you a golden chance to take care of your eyes within home. All their services are affordable. And you can book them online.

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