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Sarblina capsule

Ayurveda is known for its amazing healing properties. Herbs which are used in ayurvedic product are highly effective andt nutritive. These days ayurveda and its natural treatments are getting popular day by day. The industry of ayurved is flourishing day by day because of its beneficial results. The study of ayurveda focuses on root causes of the disease rather than focusing on just curing a disease.

Our Sarb Herb Health Care Pvt.Ltd. Company has made a product named Sarblina capsule which is a completely natural product. It is a multiple purpose product and quite beneficial in many ways like-

1. Helpful in improvement of cells.

2. Cures wounds soon.

3. Good source of iron and vitamin B.

4. The product is quite able in controlling blood sugar.

5. Useful in giving mental relief.

6. This the quite excellent flora for face’s skin

Source of production is spirulina which is a microscopic species and thrives in warm, alkaline fresh-water. spirulina is considered a rich and good source of protein. Spirulina has 60% of protein as its content. It is quite capable in fighting against diseases. The used spirulina in capsules is taken from clean lakes where

sunlight is abundant. It has so many qualities in it.


 Sarbo boon hair oil

 (Herbal Anti Hair Loss Nourishing Hair Oil For Hair & Scalp Massage)

Medicinal herbs are always beneficial for us. Herbal hair oils are getting very popular these days because of its essential properties. Natural oils are very helpful in problems like thinning of hair and dry or flaky scalp. We always have to go with natural products instead of products made with hard chemicals which are cause of hair damage. These days we see maximum number of people suffer from hair problems and they have to face problems like shedding, dandruff and hair dullness and these problems may be result of such things like illness, medication, hormones changes etc, the problem might be whatever but we all want to get rid of such problems. Natural’s oils not only moisturize the hair but also increase hair growth, and helpful in improving of scalps blood circulation. Our product Sarbo Boon Hair Oil is 100 % natural oil and very effective remedy for hair problems and very demanding in market. Our company Sarb Herb Health Care Pvt.Ltd is selling the product at large scale.

It is a renowned natural flora for hair and scalp. And it’s a very excellent source of Black Sesame, Vitamin B-1 and other minerals. Our Sarbo-Boon hair oil does wonder in problems like hair loss.

The main ingredients which we are using in it –

1. Bhringraj

2. Sesame Seed Oil.

3 Manjishtha

4. Lal Chandan and many more.


Sarboaci Capsule

Unnecessary acid production in stomach may causes many problems as indigestion, ulcers, burn, gases constipation, headache and instability arises in hearts speed. In order to alleviate the problem Sarboaci Capsule is the excellent flora. This is a 100% natural extraction; this is the natural way of treating your problem having no side effects. If you are facing problem like acidity and acid reflux and are tired of having many ­anti acid medicines then this is quite helpful remedy. Sometimes what seems like acidity may be a serious matter of heart attack especially in women. That’s why one should never ignore such problems or take it lightly.


(complete solution hair kit)

 Our company Sarb Herb Health Care Pvt.Ltdhas launched a complete hair solution kit. We are presenting our all the hair products all together inside the one kit. It is a complete hair solution for your hair problems having Hair pack (Herbal Hair Revitalizer with Natural Extracts of Amla & Shikakai ), Sarbo boon hair oil (Herbal Anti Hair Loss Nourishing Hair Oil For Hair & Scalp Massage),SarboCare Hair Cream in it . Our hair kit is the only solution of any type of hairs problem. Providing new life to hair it increases and your confidence.

Sarbocalm capsule and massage oil

Because of busy and fast lifestyle and avoiding physical activities are the main causes that today people are suffering from many types of pains as joint pains, mascular pains and so on. We Sarb Herb Health Care Pvt.Ltdare offering you our company’s very well known product Sarbocalm capsule which is the extraction of natural herbs and mainly formulated for body aches and works well in problems and pain like Arthritis, sciatica pain, arthragra, and back bone and strain of spinal nerves, menopause related problems, Unbearable pain in lower back. Most of the pain killers work for short time bur our sarbocalm capsule is preferred for its long term. Like sarbocalm capsule our company also have made sarbocalm massage oil if you are little uncomfortable with capsule you can go with our second option sarbocalm massage oil they both have equal ingredients and work equally. 

 SarboCare Hair Cream

Using hard chemicals as shampoos and conditioners may cause of big hair damage, hair and scalp may badly affected due to years of use of such chemical products. It is seen that having harmful chemicals in our body may cause of diseases like cancer. Today we have lots of various types of products available for hair problems as shampoos, conditioner, hair creams, and hair packs etc.

Our company Sarb Herb Health Care Pvt.Ltdhas launched amazing hair product named SarboCare Hair Cream as the name itself defines the product. Sarbocare hair cream is very beneficial product for hair. It amazingly works in problems like hair fall, graying hair, dandruff, dull hair and many more hair problems. This hair cream is quite beneficial when someone

This cream makes the scalp bacteria and germs free and creates protection cover for hair which is quite useful when our hairs face or suffer problem like climate pollution. This keeps hair manageable and smooth throughout the day.

Main ingredients which are used in Sarbocare Hair Cream are – Mezereum, Arnica, Montana, lavender, Chandan Oil, Almond Oil, Neem Oil and so on.

 Sarboliv syrup an excellent liver tonic

The liver is the biggest organ of the body most of the body’s functions as digestion, metabolism, nutrients’ storage and removal of toxin are associated with liver so health conditions of these functions effect on liver completely. There are so many reasons behind the liver problems as-

Alcohol: too much alcohol consumption may be the cause of liver damage, Fatty liver diseases may occur due to heavy absorption of alcohol.

Obesity: excess weight of the body is the most common cause of liver problem. When fat accumulate around the liver.

Diabetes: people having diabetes are the under risk of liver damage. Using insulin by diabetes patients in their blood creates extra fat ,which is the one of the reasons.

Viral hepatitis A, B and C and autoimmune hepatitis – these types of hepatitis attack the liver cells directly causing inflammation. This may be cause of liver failure sometimes.

Our company Sarb Herb Health Care Pvt.Ltdhas made a product Sarboliv syrup which is a complete extract of natural herbs  which is quite effective in liver problems , jaundice, and all types of hepatitis. we want to assure you that our  product is known as  panacea in such diseases.