Health Care Politics

Was everyone watching back in March 2010 when the government was getting ready to pass The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Were you listening o…

Were Americans watching when the government passed The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act back in March 2010? Are you aware of the illegal dealings that were being made in line with the creation of this bill?

I don’t know why the government always mentions the health insurance reform that happened in Massachusetts. This was a tried and ultimately a failed experiment because there were never stringent limitations placed on the health insurance reform when it was put into place.

All the residents in Massachusetts were mandated to enroll in health planshowever the residents moved out. Citizens who are financially challenged transferred to Massachusetts so they could avail of the medical insurance and whatever financial assistance offered by the state.

This has caused Massachusetts to acquire a big amount of deficit because more is spent than what they are earning because of their problematic health care system. They are in a difficult situation but they are still okay. This is not a health insurance system that will sustain itself for all citizens of the country.

There are a number of Attorneys Generals who are involved in a health care lawsuit because of the uneven trend. This new health insurance reform will be distributed throughout the country. Some states are being given a pass and those citizens are not mandated to buy into the government-run health insurance system.

Nevada is another state that received special favors along with Nebraska. When you add in the favoritism of the various union groups, it tips the scale on how this new health insurance will be distributed throughout the country. If the law does not apply to all the states in the country, then it can be deemed unconstitutional as per Article 1, Section 8.

Thirty-two current uninsured citizens are expected to receive this new health insurancecoverage under the government-run Medicaid, but they are not accounting for all the recently dismissed employed individuals who also have no access to affordable health insurance coverage.

Other notable health insurance changes are the fact that the federal government is interfering with the individual states rights and having the states re-write how they will conduct health insurance and health care issues in the future.