Health care in Women's hospital

Equality of men and women has always been an issue in India. Over the past years, the status of women has been taking a rise. A wide range of women&#03…

India has one of the finest heart care facilities. The scope of cancer and heart related treatment reaching to the masses. People, from all over the world, travel to this country to avail the high end medical facilities and treatments in the best heart hospitals in India. The care centers make treatment affordable for the common man. In India, a developing country, where more than half the population i.e. 52% of people is unemployed, there is a need to have affordable medical care facility. This is only possible by the use of proper technology and efficient instruments.

In recent years, there has been a vast development in the healthcare facilities. Various hospitals came to the forefront, setting up new standards. These hospitals work with a trustworthy conscience and world class technical support. 50 million people suffer cardiac diseases in India which forms 10% of the total population. More than over 86% of the income of an Indian is spent on medical expenses. This is the reason why India has developed the best heart hospital to take care of all the patients at minimal costs.

Initially, people used to migrate abroad for better treatment facilities, but as of now, India excels in medical surgeries and highly trained doctors. The cost of treatment in West is too high for an Indian to get cured. Unlikely, in India the cost of cardiac treatments has greatly reduced since the advent of technology. The major obstacle to getting a treatment was the inaccessibility of the top heart hospitals. This is no more a problem as they are trying to reach out to every single portion of India.

The urbanization in India has taken over a neck breaking speed. This has affected the diet as well as lifestyle of the entire population. It not only leads to obesity, but also higher blood pressure and heart diseases. Fortunately, with modernization, technology increased ten folds. The status of women was brought into limelight. Their care and well being became the major point of argument amongst the social communities. This led to the development of the best women’s hospital all over India. Today, most of the metropolitan cities have several hospitals solely dedicated to take care of women.

From heart transplants to cardiovascular disease treatments, there is no such disease that cannot be treated at these hospitals. They provide 24×7 ambulance service to reach out to its patients who are in critical conditions. These women’s hospital is open all 365 days of a year and provides regular check ups by the doctors. The doctors are available on beck and call of the patient. The nurses take adequate care of the female counterparts. Nonetheless, Indian healthcare has evolved and is at par with that in the western countries.