Hair Loss Treatment – Possible Solutions To Treat Hair Loss

A certain amount of hair loss is considered to be quite a physiological routine but excessive loss is to be taken into account. Generally, we lose 60-80 ha…

A certain amount of hair loss is considered to be quite a physiological routine but excessive loss is to be taken into account. Generally, we lose 60-80 hairs a day but more than that can be caused due to eczema, stressful conditions, alopecia, or a change in hormone levels. Hair Loss could be due to taking certain medications or during pregnancy, excess intake alcohol or nicotine or quietly because of tying the hair back too harshly.

Stress and Hair Loss

It has been observed that there is a link between stress, anxiety, depression, and hair loss. There are evidences based on clinical trials that suggest that people start to lose hair, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months once they pass through a severe stressful phase in their lives. Naturally, hair loss itself is frustrating so it is always unclear that what came first, a hair loss or stress! As stated by the American Academy of Dermatology, men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia are more likely to have personality disorders. According to the academy, women suffering from hair loss face a lack of self-esteem, are introspective, feel less tempting, and are stressed in public places.

Hair Loss Treatment

The latest researches indicate that like many other health ailments, hair loss is best treated before it turns to a stubborn symptom. For instance, doctors in Asia believe that dandruff and other scalp condition that cuts off the blood supply to hair roots may end up with hair fall. They debate that since the hair root can not breathe or get enough nourishment; the roots of the hair die and ultimately hairs fall out.

Many health care providers suggest that the earliest form of hair loss treatment is nothing but a professional scalp massage that helps in stimulating the blood vessels of the scalp and helps in keeping the hair follicles efficient enough to grow. Along with this therapy, health care providers also recommend to go for some natural hair care products that can make the scalp healthy. Conditions like eczema or seborrhea are to be treated as soon as possible and treatment must be continued to maintain a healthy scalp since a healthy scalp is less probable to face hair loss.

Other doctors strongly believe that poor nutrition is the major factor that contributes to hair loss. Hair loss treatment includes people to maintain a healthy diet that helps in promoting healthy hair growth. Health care providers say that diet should be rich in vitamins and iron that promote the blood flow within the scalp. Overall body health is also important to maintain healthy hair. There are also therapies formulated to prevent hair loss and help growing healthy and shiny hair. Herbal topical treatments help to re-grow hair and also to repair the damaged ones.

The topical hair loss treatment typically includes herbal extracts in the form of oil, gel, cream or even some powder that stimulate the blood vessels present in the scalp and cleanse them ultimately leading to healthy hair. Such products often act on the theory of clogged hair follicles giving raise to hair loss.

Apart from herbal treatment, hair implantation is also one of the effective hair loss treatments however, as with all surgeries, it may have some pitfalls.