Great Dental Services: Invisalign

Dentists today have the common goal of giving excellent dental services to make their patients' visit worthwhile.

Dentists today have the common goal of giving excellent dental services to make their patients’ visit worthwhile. They make sure to attend to each patient’s dental problem, while offering great care and attention to their every patient’s needs.

In earlier times, dentists offer limited services, such as tooth extraction and cleaning. As time passed, the field of dentistry made significant discoveries and technological advances.  Dental procedures such as root canal, tooth bonding, dental implants, and veneers are now offered to better solve oral problems. Dentistry also made substantial advances in the aesthetic aspect of oral health care. For instance, tooth whitening can remedy discolored teeth and give patients a beautiful white smile.

Orthodontic braces are used to correct misaligned or crooked teeth and improper bites. Braces are composed of visible metal wires that guide the teeth to its correct position. The process can take up to two years, depending on the patient’s teeth structure and condition.

However, not everyone is comfortable wearing braces. Fortunately, there’s a breakthrough alternative to braces—Invisalign.  These aligners are completely transparent so people won’t even know you’re wearing one. Invisalign is also considered more comfortable since people can remove them, especially when they eat or drink.

Both children and adults that can benefit from Burbank Invisalign. They will no longer have to worry about how they would look, unlike with the traditional metal braces. Getting Invisalign is pretty simple. Consult with your dentist and ask if Invisalign is recommended for you.

After giving you the approval, your dentist can start the process by taking impressions of your teeth. Your dentist will then use CT scan to create a 3D model of your teeth, which will be the basis of your Burbank Invisalign aligners. Because it is customized, Invisalign allows less discomfort during the process which can take 12 to 18 months.

Most dental practices, such as a trusted Burbank family dentistry, offer a wide range of up-to-date and high quality dental services. These services include maintaining your Invisalign aligners. Be sure to visit your dentist regularly so your progress can be monitored and necessary adjustments can be made.