Getting Rid Of Acne Scars Procedures Used

Getting rid of acne scars can be quite an involved and very expensive business, sometimes requiring some very advanced techniques, which of course require …

Getting rid of acne scars can be quite an involved and very expensive business, sometimes requiring some very advanced techniques, which of course require highly skilled personnel to carry out the various procedures.

Everything really revolves around some basic factors, firstly the severity of your scarring this can only be determined by a skilled dermatologist, who may then give you an expert opinion on what your treatment options are and their personal recommendation.

For severe scarring usually the best option will be some form of laser skin resurfacing surgery, unfortunately this will also be the most expensive, costing several thousand dollars, and it is unlikely that any kind of medical insurance will cover any type of procedure for cosmetic scarring that has occurred as an act of nature.

Another possible solution offered for getting rid of acne scars may be micro-dermabrasion techniques, as it’s name suggests this is where the scar tissues are abraided away making them flatter, therefore a lot less noticeable.

The punch graft technique may also be suggested if your acne scarring is deep enough. In this operation the surgeon will cut out small pieces of your skin where the scarring occurs and replace it with good skin tissue from elsewhere on the body, typically the area this is taken from is behind the patients ears. This is a kind of plastic surgery technique, that will in itself leave slight scarring, but with the surgeons skill these will be a lot less noticeable than the scars that were removed, additionally as the skin used was undamaged it will leave the area of the graft looking much smoother.

Subcision is another surgical technique generally used on heavily depressed scars, this technique may also be used with a filler material.

Further down the scale, and for considerably less cost are chemical skin peels, these are applied by a dermatologist and involve the use of a mild acid to burn away layers of the skin until the desired result is obtained.

Various injections may also be used for getting rid of acne scars, these may be special types of filling agents used for cosmetic surgery which are injected under the surface of the skin to fill depression marks left by acne, or they may be simple cortisone injections which by their anti-inflammatory nature can help to shrink and even out the scarring.

Cryosurgery, is another highly specialized technique that can be used to remove scar tissue by freezing it to such a temperature that it blisters the excess scar tissues thus evening out the surface of the skin.

There is also the relatively new laser light therapy that may be used although it is doubtful whether this will be effective at all on heavy scarring.

Obviously many of these techniques will be painful for some time afterward until the skin heals, and will most certainly require some post-operative care with dressings etcetera, the biggest enemy here is infection as the skin is raw and open to attack from germs, but you will receive all the necessary advice you need for after care.


Less invasive procedures can be done in without any surgical preparations.It should also be noted that for some techniques the treatment may need to be repeated. So as can be seen there are many options for getting rid of acne scars, in a lot of cases, like many other things these days it is going to boil down to what procedures, if any you can afford to have.

If you are female you can at least apply some form of cosmetics to your scarring, it will not hide it completely of course but it can help to disguise them somewhat which may help you feel a little less self-conscious about the way your skin looks.