Genital Warts Treatments – Beyond Creams and Lotions

There are many ways of treating genital warts, but no one way is completely effective or will get rid of your genital warts and genital herpes forever. Als…

Sometimes, genital warts can cure themselves if the body is able to overcome the virus, but sometimes people have to treat genital warts breakouts throughout their entire lives. Besides lotions and creams, there are other medical treatments that help someone get deal with genital warts when they become active.

Many people infected with genital warts decide, after researching the different genital warts treatments, to undergo laser treatment. This is more often used when patients have far ranging genital warts or genital herpes that recur in serious outbreaks over and over again.

Lasers have the capacity to completely destroy the lesion caused by HPV. However, there are some serious disadvantages to consider with laser treatment. It is very expensive and not always covered by health insurance. The patient getting the treatment will need to go under with some kind of anesthesia during the treatment.

And recovery can take quite a long time, with scars left on the body in the spots where the warts were burned off. Sometimes, viral particles are injected into the air by the laser itself. These particles can be infectious in their own right.

Electro-dessication is another one of the genital warts treatments in which the lesions of the genital warts are destroyed. This method uses electric currents to kill the warts. Again, anesthesia is used, but it’s localized, so the side effects are minimal.

There is a smoke stream that can arise from the procedure that may be infectious if it projects parts of the virus or if it hits other sensitive areas on the body. Other side effects may include recovery time and failure to progress in terms of the healing process.

There is a way to freeze genital warts with liquid nitrogen. This genital warts treatment is called cryotherapy. Rates of response to this treatment have been reported to be very high and many people experience a complete clearing of their genital warts or genital herpes after undergoing this treatment.

Also, patients and people who have had the procedure have reported few side effects to the treatment. Remember, all genital warts treatments have their advantages and disadvantages. Topical creams have been used frequently. The latest research appoints to an effective combination of Green Tea Catechins and Oxygen as Hydrogen Peroxide  and it suggests it is the most efficient cream to treat the outbreaks of genital warts. It is also natural and can be used according to personal necessities…Sometimes it is in a patient’s best interest to look for  other genital warts treatments besides nasty antibiotics and intrusive procedures.