Free healthcare for everybody, regardless of income and wealth

All healthcare should be non-profit. Our healthcare system and the governments view on it are dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, run by people whose…

Why wouldn’t any government want its population to be as healthy as possible? Everybody wants to be healthy and since the governments are our representatives…

Our healthcare system and the governments view on it are dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, run by people whose intent is not to cure but to make money, and we all seem to think that it’s fine. People in almost every country are dying en masse every day, from curable diseases, simply because they can’t afford the treatment or because their health insurance won’t cover it.

There is even talk nowadays to make people with certain habits or lifestyles pay more for their insurance or being refused treatment. Where will this end, and who gets to decide? If we want to deny smokers lung treatment, shouldn’t we also deny skateboarders or football players broken bone treatment, and so on?

Before long your health-insurance fee will be based on every aspect of your lifestyle; If you drink, smoke, eat unhealthy, how much you exercise, risky jobs and hobbies (rock climbing, scuba diving etc), how much time you spend watching TV or playing games, driving your car, you name it! In the end the health-insurance companies will still find ways to deny you the treatment you need because there was a picture on facebook with you riding a bike, or holding a drink or a cigar or something.

Should we really let insurance companies decide who gets what treatment? Don’t we have doctors for that? And should these doctors be allowed to receive big bonuses for prescribing certain medicine? Can we really trust the bonus-giving pharmaceutical multi-billion dollar industry to act in our best interest, when their ultimate goal is to make as much money as possible from us?

Do you want a doctor to be paid for being a doctor, or for the number of operations he performs? (And maybe get tempted by big bonuses to use a pharmaceutical product more often than he should). Ask any five-year-old and you’ll get a straight answer.

How can you actually trust a pharmaceutical company to make you better if they need to make bigger and bigger profits, and the only way for them to do this is when you’re buying their pills? The only way to know for sure is to eliminate the whole idea of making profit, and making this industry about healing people again.

In our society we should help the weaker and less fortunate to carry their load, instead of leaving them on the street like that little Chinese girl that got run over. How can we stand by and watch someone die, telling ourselves that’s just how it is? The uncivilized, egocentric idea of “me first and f#*k the rest” should be behind us by now. It’s time for new thinking, new living, a new sphere.