Finding a Good Doctor

With the multitude of doctors to choose from, how do you get a good doctor? Each person has several things to consider when choosing a doctor. Medical need…

Peace of Mind

It’s obvious you need to get a good doctor to help manage your overall physical health but your doctor will also have a direct affect on your mental well being. Talk to prospective doctors and try to find the right mental match for you. The right mental match will not only treat you aches and pains but will also help you feel good about the medical care you get from them. Some people call this bedside manner.

Who Are You?

Another way to try to get a good doctor is to make an appointment to talk to prospective doctors to get to know them. Talk to the doctors and listen closely to their answers. Try to discern their character and personality. Be careful with this approach. You may be charged for an office visit that your insurance company may not cover the cost of.


Your friends and family may be able to help you get a good doctor. Ask them if they would recommend their doctors and why. Ask if they know of any other doctors that come highly recommended. Make a list of any doctors that sound promising and follow up on them.

Exam the Doctor

Check Angie’s List, an online service rating website to try to get a good doctor. People use Angie’s List to post comments on the quality of products or professional services they receive. You may get a lead on a good candidate to become your new doctor.

Friendly Staff

Observe the receptionist, office staff and nurse. You will have to get pass them to get to the doctor. When you call or visit the doctors office, you want to deal with people that are compassionate and sympathetic. The office staff has their own “bedside manner” in addition to the doctors. Try to observe them when you visit the office to see if they friendly and courteous. Try to see if  they are efficient and helpful. Make the doctors office staff a part of your decision as you search for a good doctor.

We Need to Talk

One other thing you can do to get a good doctor is to determine which candidates you can communicate with. You don’t want a doctor that can’t talk to you in a way that you can understand. You want to choose a doctor that can speak on your level. Try to choose a doctor that listens to and hears you. These ideas should get you on your way to get a good doctor.