Few things you must know about Hepatitis

hepatitis a deadly killer has killed large number of people around the world affecting families and the whole world at large. especially affecting the remo…

The disease of hepatitis has long ruled the world. People afflicted with hepatitis have faced death and loss of appetite. Hepatitis is a word derived from a Greek word hepar. Liver is a major digestive organ which is a must for protein synthesis, vitamin storage, and assimilation of glucose and production of hormones. It is mainly caused by hepatitis virus which mainly has flu like and jaundice like symptoms. It is termed as inflammation of liver and tissues of internal organs. Jaundice is termed as inflammation of liver organ. In many ways we can prevent the spreading and contracting of hepatitis. As hepatitis mostly ends with death if not treated on time.

Hepatitis is divided into 3 different types.

Hepatitis A:

hepatitis A affects mostly everyone and it affects people when they consume contaminated food or water. It is also known as Jaundice. It is characterized by yellowing of skin and eyes, muscle and joint pain, coffee colored urine. Also flu like symptoms such as fever, vomiting, headache and loss of appetite.

Hepatitis B:

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease which is afflicted by HBV virus. Hepatitis B had affected Asia, Africa and china about one third of the world population. The possible transmissions of virus us through blood transfusion, infected blood, syringes, semen and vaginal fluids. It is mainly caused by multiple sex partners, gay partners and also healthcare workers who have the risks of having enough exposure to blood. Its symptoms start with loss of appetite, ill health, fever, nausea and then it progresses to Jaundice. Chronic Hepatitis B can cause liver cirrhosis or live cancer over a period of time.

Hepatitis C:

Hepatitis C is affected by Hepatitis C virus called HCV. It can cause cirrhosis or live cancer after a period of many years. About 80% of people are cured from hepatitis C but in case the patient develops liver cancer or liver cirrhosis then that might require a liver transplant. Till today there is no vaccination available for hepatitis C.

Since a viral hepatitis can kill people hence it is important to put a full stop of on the spreading of infection by preventing it. Normally for patients suffering from hepatitis are required to follow certain guidelines to get it cured. The patients are recommended to have complete bed by abstaining from alcohol. Those suffering from hepatitis A and E get well on their own in a few weeks. While those suffering from hepatitis B is required to take drugs and medications for treatment. A vaccination for hepatitis A would provide a good protection for the immunity from spreading the infection. The best way to preventing contracting such deadly diseases is keeping away from contaminated water and food. Wash your hands after visiting a lavatory and before having food. Avoid relying on tap water, carry boiled and filtered water. Avoid sharing needles and sharp objects as they have the maximum risks of getting the disease transmitted. Sharing of toothbrushes with an infected person can also cause contraction of the disease.