E-Prescribing Software Streamlines the Prescription Process

One of the most difficult parts about being a physician today is the ability to get prescriptions to patients in a timely fashion. Historically, doctors wo…

One of the most difficult parts about being a physician today is the ability to get prescriptions to patients in a timely fashion. Historically, doctors would write prescriptions, the patient would come to the office, pick up the prescription and bring the slip to a pharmacy. Then, the patient waited for the prescription to be filled before they were able to take their medication. In more recent years, it is possible for physicians to call in prescriptions for a variety of medicines for patients, although the physical prescription pick-up remains the most popular medium. With the advent of new electronic healthcare record keeping systems, we are finally seeing the rise of e-prescribing technology. The technology allows physicians to submit electronic prescriptions to pharmacies without the hassle of patients coming to pick up a paper slip and deliver it to a pharmacy which, in a sick or weakened state, the patient may be unable to do. With new technology we can find ways to streamline a critical piece of the prescription process, and use it to make the lives of patients, doctors and pharmacists much easier.

In addition to the ease and convenience of the electronic prescription process, the hassle of drawing up a patient’s chart, calling in a prescription and speaking with a pharmacist is removed. The electronic prescription process also lets patients use an interactive map, which makes it easy to locate the patient’s nearest pharmacy and make sure that pharmacy carries the drug needed. Using an electronic prescription program also makes the refill process easier; instead of having to wait for the patient to call and go through the hassle all over again, physicians can receive requests directly from the pharmacy.

There are a lot of people who worry about the integrity and safety of programs that allow medical records or other medical information to be sent over the Internet. Although it is understandable to have worries or concerns about electronic information and the potential hazards of such kinds of communication, it is perfectly safe to use e-prescribing technology to order and fill prescriptions. Some patients may worry that their data is stored for future reference, but they should rest assured that this sort of technology is protected. Anyone whose personal information is entered or saved on an electronic health care management system should know that the utmost security measures are in place to protect his or her privacy.

One of the additional advantages is that this software is very simple to use, and physicians can be confident that they will understand how it works in a matter of hours.In additional to being able to file prescriptions, this software can also allow you to search and filter medications. All the information about the drug that you are prescribing will be available to you along with any patient allergy information that may be pertinent to your prescription. This may seem like a minor feature, but it helps to avoid complications related to drug allergies or the mixing of medications. High quality e-prescribing software can do all this for you and the other physicians in your medical practice.