Duct cleaning – 5 ways your business will benefit

From government legislation to hygiene standards, here are the top reasons why you'll be glad you booked a duct cleaning service for your property.

Duct cleaning may not be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about maintenance for your business, but in reality, it’s something you shouldn’t neglect. Restaurants, schools, large office blocks and smaller premises can all benefit from the work of a thorough and comprehensive cleaning team. Whether the cleaning work is for extractors, AC units, condensers, canopies, exhausts or fans, it’s something all businesses should make an effort to do. From government legislation to hygiene standards, here are the top reasons why you’ll be glad you booked a duct cleaning service for your property.

1. Duct cleaning for insurance reasons  

Almost every business has a kitchen, either for employees or for providing food to customers. However, you may not know that forgetting to clean your kitchen extract systems could mean your insurance cover for the premises becomes invalid. If a fire were to destroy your property, and you had failed to carry out regular duct cleaning, the result could be that you aren’t able to claim your insurance. This is why you should always have regular cleaning of ductwork, and be able to provide paper evidence that it has been carried out.

2. Regulations and the law

Under UK Health and Safety Law, your ventilation systems need to be well maintained. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 state that a business using a Local Exhaust Ventilation system to extract fumes or gases needs to actively maintain the system to ensure it stays in good working order. Once a year, it is recommended that an inspection and testing procedures are carried out as well as comprehensive duct cleaning. Complying with these regulations is a must for any discerning business.3. Duct cleaning for air hygiene

For obvious reasons, the environment in which your business operates needs to be healthy, clean and hygienic. Studies by the Environmental Health Agency show that indoor air pollution is becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on. Staff and customers alike are breathing in the air in your premises, and that air needs to be free from bacteria, dust, moulds and fungi, which can breed quickly in a poorly maintained system. Regular duct cleaning will improve the comfort of those you depend on to make your business function, and will also mean you are never in breach of basic health and safety standards.

4. Fire safety

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to continue to have duct cleaning carried out regularly. By law, you should nominate one person in your business to carry out fire risk assessments, and take steps to mitigate these risks. Duct cleaning is one such step, as the build up of greasy deposits in duct work is a major fire hazard. Canopy hoods, filters, duct work and fans are all vulnerable to grease and oil deposits – if you don’t remove this build up you could put your property, and its contents, at risk of catching fire. A good cleaning company should be able to carry out the necessary cleaning, providing you with certification once it has been completed to give you piece of mind.

5. A more productive business

Finally, a compelling reason not to ignore the issue of duct cleaning is this one: you’ll have a more productive business as a result. You’ll experience fewer problems with air pollution, employee illness, faults with kitchen appliances, and less to worry about when it comes to issues such as Health and Safety inspections and insurance claims. The smooth running of any enterprise depends on keeping on top of vital aspects such as these.