Drug Addiction Treatment For Working Professionals

Reaching out for drug addiction treatment if you are or a loved one is a professional can be a daunting experience.

Being a working professional does not make one immune to drug addiction. In fact, stressful professional jobs may trigger some people to start abusing drugs. Nonetheless, that is not an excuse to let go drug addiction treatment.Today, drug abuse is believed to affect more and more professionals in Toronto, and a drug rehab Toronto is essential for overcoming this addiction. Professionals do have specific needs when it comes to treatment – therefore, it is important for the treatment to include the following programs for the greatest chances of success.

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Intervention services

  • Luxury amenities

  • Group counseling with like-minded individuals

  • Addiction education

  • Focus on family during the recovery process

  • Strong focus on aftercare

Professional drug addiction treatment

Typically, the steps for all drug addiction treatment – including professional drug addiction treatment – remain the same, regardless of whether an individual is unemployed, or a corporate professional. Let’s have a look at the basic steps included in a drug addiction treatment:

Screening and assessment

Like all addicts, professionals must also go through screening and assessment before entering a drug rehab Toronto. This allows an addiction specialist to determine the degree of the addiction and help choose a treatment program that best suits his or her individual situation.


Withdrawal from drugs can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. Going through withdrawal without any medical supervision increases the chances of a relapse. Because of this, it is recommended for professionals to go into a dedicated detox center until their bodies are completely free of all traces of drug(s) they have been abusing.

Psychological treatment

Many different types of psychological treatments are used for treating drug addiction.

Some of them are:

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Family counseling

  • Self-help groups


Some recovering addicts may require pharmacotherapy. This includes taking prescription medications that help them decrease the urge to use drugs.


After the professional has completed drug addiction treatment, he or she will need an aftercare that involves attending outpatient counseling and therapy sessions. Aftercare services are designed to help recovering addicts continue to live their life substance-free.

Professional addiction treatment barriers

Working professionals have many roadblocks that they must overcome in order to successfully complete a drug addiction treatment program.

Here is a list of the most common barriers:

  • Stigma surrounding addiction treatment

  • Inability to find suitable treatment

  • Lack of insurance

  • Family responsibilities

  • Career responsibilities

  • Inability to pay for treatment

  • Fear of losing job

  • Denial

  • Guilt

Treatment for Addicted professionals

Going through a drug addiction treatment, does not necessarily negatively affect a professional’s career. If you or someone you love are struggling with drug addiction, contact Canadian Drug Rehab Toronto today. We offer free drug treatment referral program to help you find one of the best rehab centers.