Dr. James J. Elist, Esteemed Urologist and Expert on Men’s Health

Dr. James Elist is a world class surgeon specializing in Urology. He is a pioneer of the men’s health field, owning 5 patents and helping patients for ove…

James J. Elist, M.D. opened his private practice in Beverly Hills in 1982. For over 25 years, Dr. Elist has contributed

patents, knowledge, and professionalism to the healthcare industry.. Although Dr. Elist specializes in Urology, other major

areas of study include erectile dysfunction, impotency, and penile enhancement. Dr.

Elist has been instrumental in helping hundreds of couples conceive their first child through his tireless work.

Dr. Elist Awards and Achievements Winner of the First Prize at Washington

Urological Society – March 1981 Second Prize Winner at Mid Atlantic Section – November

1981 Dr. Elist has been the chairperson or a member of many health industry committees at Cedars-Sinai

Medical Center and other institutions such as the Ethics Committee, Oncology Committee, Utilization Committee and Medical

Records Review Committee. Dr. Elist has been named as The Best Plastic Surgeon by Los Angeles Magazine – Urology in

the Best of L.A July 1998. Dr. Elist also has been elected by the Office of Hearing and Appeal, United States Goverment

Medical Expert Witness 1997, 1999, 2001,2003. He received National Leadership Award and has been elected as Honorary Co

Chairman Physician Advisory Board U.S Congress. Dr. Elist performs surgery around the world, at locations such as the

Middle East and Western Europe. Within the United States, Dr. Elist is the first surgeon in the Los Angeles area to utilize

new penile prosthesis devices for patients, from American Medical Systems Co. His history of lecturing and moderating

conventions and meeting spans over 15 years including: Fifth Annual Congress of Urologist on

September 1996 5th National Conference of EndoUrology and ESWL, Nanjing, China,

Oct 2001 Paper Presentation for Urologist in Beijing and Shanghai, China Oct

2001 Paper presentation for Urologist in China Urological Society, Beijing,

China May 2007 Dr. Elist is a pioneer in the industry, with many new breakthroughs and patents in the

field of urology. He is the first physician to have published an article which proves the effect of smoking on impotency.

This study resulted in a new treatment for impotency. This article was presented to Congressman Waxman and the Surgeon

General to include this fact as a precautionary warning on cigarette packages. Dr. Elist has five patents for treatment of

impotency and congenital male sex organ deformities. He has been interviewed by many reporters and has been featured on NBC,

KTLA and Marilyn Kagan Show, Fox News and CNN. Within the past fifteen years his practice has included the treatment of many

celebrities. In addition to these specialties, Dr. Elist also treats diseases of the kidney, bladder and prostate. Dr. Elist

has authored the book Put Impotency in Your Past, in which he answers many commonly asked questions about impotency and penile dysfunctions. Let Dr. Elist help you. His new informative website at

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