Dr Hicham Riba and Other Dentists Offering Pediatric Dental Services

Children can mean the world to their parents. That is why giving them the best in all aspects of life is part of every parent's dream. Especially …

Children can mean the world to their parents. That is why giving them the best in all aspects of life is part of every parent’s dream. Especially when it comes to health, most parents are very meticulous since they do not want to risk their children’s life in any way. The overall health and wellness of children include the right and proper medical and dental care.  For the best dental care your children can have, you can count on Dr Hicham Riba—a friendly and reliable pediatric dentist.

Pediatric dentistry, formerly known as pedodontics, is the branch of dentistry which handles the oral health care concerns of children from birth through adolescence. A regular dental checkup can help prevent, detect, and treat possible dental problems and diseases. Most dentists recommend that you accompany and bring your children, as early as age one, to the dentist. This is to ensure that they are carefully guided and educated about proper oral and dental care, which they would carry until they are older.

Pediatric dentistry places special attention in preventing tooth decay among children. Studies show that most children have very poor oral and dental health care habits. This leads to a lot of dental problems, such as toothache and tooth decay, which in turn results to impaired school performance and poor social relationships.

That is why visiting a pediatric dentist, such as Dr Hicham Riba, is highly recommended to avoid oral health problems as much as possible. He can advise you and your children on how to properly maintain teeth. Promoting the importance of developing healthy eating habits and other ways to prevent oral problems and diseases is also his priority.

There are several services pediatric dentists like Dr Hicham Riba offer their young patients. These include fluoride treatment, dental sealants, orthodontics, and more. These procedures can best take care of your children’s teeth. Sealants are like shields applied to their teeth; these provide protection and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatment is essential in making your children’s teeth stronger and more resistant to harmful elements, such as acids; it can also prevent tooth decay.

Pediatric dentists’ services also cover restorative or reconstructive dentistry. This is generally done to restore a missing tooth for a complete and more brilliant smile. This can greatly affect your children’s appearance and can surely boost their self-confidence. Visiting a reliable pediatric dentist like Dr Hicham Riba is indeed a great opportunity to implement preventive dental health habits for your children, and free them from possible dental and oral problems and diseases.