Discount Vitamins – Seniors ACE Their Health Problems

Vitamins are necessary for everyone's good health. But often senior citizens need to supplement their diets with vitamins.

Vitamins are necessary for everyone’s good health. But often senior citizens need to supplement their diets with vitamins. Because most seniors live on reduced incomes, discount vitamins can mean the difference between seniors enjoying healthy lives or enduring poor health and a diminished existence.

Seniors are subject to many life stresses including poor nutrition, emotional loss or traumatic events like injuries, accidents or illnesses. These stresses can be exacerbated by free radical molecules which attack body cells. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced as by-products of normal body metabolism. These free radicals attack other cells and can cause cancer. A healthy body will not be affected; however, poor diet, and disease can leave the body vulnerable.

Vitamins A, C and E are nutrients that have antioxidant properties which protect against free radicals and help boost the immune system. The ACE vitamins can help cells restore themselves to normal behavior and studies have shown that they help people with cancer. Also, the ACE vitamins help protect against the cellular damage caused by radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The availability of discount vitamins can clearly be seen as a life saver for everyone especially seniors.

Vitamin A, especially the beta carotene form of it, is almost a miracle substance. It has some specific health-giving properties. It can protect against heart disease and stroke. It also reduces cholesterol and lessens the chance of infections of the kidneys, bladder or lungs. It is a real boon for seniors with eye problems as it can counteract night blindness, macular degeneration or cataracts. It is also a blessing for many seniors as it slows the occurrence of arthritis.

Vitamin C is vital to the good health of seniors as it can increase the ability of the body to heal. Those people plagued with the problems of ulcers or slow healing wounds due to diabetes greatly benefit from taking vitamin C.

Vitamin E is known as another miracle substance. Its antioxidant properties, seems to protect people from dozens of diseases. It improves circulatory problems by reducing blood pressure and dissolving blood clots. In addition, studies have shown that vitamin E reduces the risk of cancer in the intestinal tract, colon, breast, prostate and lung. It has been known to improve action of insulin and, like vitamin C, helps heal the slow-healing ulcers caused by diabetes. In some people it has even shown to slow the advance of Alzheimer’s disease.

For seniors discount vitamins make the difference between a healthy life without undue suffering and a life of disability and misery, especially when they are living on a limited budget. By virtue of the benefits the discounted vitamins confer on the senior population, the seniors can have active, vital lives enjoying their time during retirement. Healthier seniors can participate more fully in social and other activities. Their improved health means that they would have less doctor’s visits and they would have to rely less on their insurances, being private or Medicare. That in turn helps reduce the overall cost of healthcare for everybody. The main benefit is that their money will be spent more on joyous activities, not on life maintenance.

The availability of low cost discounted vitamins is an advantage for all people, especially seniors!