Disability Insurance for Chromosome Abnormality

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Inside the cells of the body are structures containing all the genetic information called chromosomes. Sometimes structural abnormality results in one or more chromosomes which is called chromosome abnormality. An atypical number of chromosomes can also cause this. It usually occurs when there are errors in cell division process, after meiosis or mitosis. Some types of this anomaly are Down syndrome (when an extra copy of chromosome 21 occurs), Turner syndrome (when a female doesn’t have an X chromosome), Klinefelter syndrome, Triploidy etc.

The disability is caused mainly due to errors during cell division. There are two types of cell division – mitosis, in which two duplicate cells from an original cell are produced and which occurs everywhere in the body except the reproductive organs; and meiosis, in which cells of half the total number of chromosomes (23 instead of 46) result, which are the eggs and the sperm. Errors can occur during duplication of chromosomes; as a result incorrect number of copies of chromosomes can result. Besides, older women are more prone to these genetic disorders. Environmental factors too can cause this syndrome.

There could be a myriad of symptoms of chromosomal abnormality. Most children who have this problem suffer from intellectual, learning and behavioral disabilities. A child with intellectual disability may find it difficult to comprehend, memorize, analyze and explain things. He/she might find it difficult to socialize with other people, and can have lesser than average IQ or intelligence quotient. Other symptoms may include heart defect, intestinal malformations requiring surgery, multiple miscarriages of a pregnant woman etc.

Chromosomal abnormalities can cause several kinds of complications. Some of these can cause the death of embryos and fetuses prior to birth. If at least two miscarriages have occurred, then it could be due to this abnormality. Other complications could include mental handicap and retardation, shortness of the body, heart problems and seizures, cleft palates etc. The types of problems that can arise are: deletion, duplications, translocation (for example, the Robertsonian translocation, where one chromosome gets attached to another one at the centromere), inversions and rings.

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