Dentists will help Ukrainian pensioners

Every year in Ukraine an unprecedented event continues in honor of 65 anniversary of victory in World War II.

Every year in Ukraine an unprecedented event continues in honor of 65 anniversary of victory in World War II. As part of events, 50 leading implantology dentists in different regions of Ukraine will provide hundreds of dental implants to pensioners. In the action veterans and children of the Second World War aged 70 to 93 years can participate.

The results of the survey showed that majority of elderly people use dentures that do not normally allow neither eat nor feel confident even in the family.

“Now implantology is not an alternative method. That is the only way to restore lost teeth” – said president of the Ukrainian public organization “Association of Oral Implantology of Ukraine” Yaroslav Zablotsky at the opening event. The first operations to restore the teeth were hold in the General Military Hospital of Kyiv. All necessary measures to preoperative preparation of patients were carried out. Hospital also provided an opportunity for veterans to undergo free computer tomography after dental surgery procedure.

Overall operation of tooth implantation took place under the same scenario:  implants were installed with an instant fixation of temporary fixed structures. Thus was set up to 300 implants in the jaw of 56 veterans.

Doctors affirm that implants do not need special care, veterans will not have to spend extra money to maintain the serviceability of dentures. But it remains a mystery of how long these prostheses will serve.

For example, the case from cosmetic dentistry abroad experience. Last year the Russian city of Samara organized the same campaign, where all pensioners could take part, who could reach the dentist’s office by themselves. There they get a free treatment services and new teeth implants. All pensioners received kits for oral care as a present.

59-year-old pensioner, having waited in a long queue for several hours, got tooth seal, which she lost in two weeks together with the half of the tooth.  A woman needs a tooth restoration but she can not afford operation like this. When she asked the doctors why the seal was of so low quality, the answer was very simple – what quality did you want to get for “free”?

By comparison, in Israel, insurance services not only offset the costs of all dental services, but also help morally. To all pensioners, in the framework of the National Insurance Service, babysitting was proposed. Depending on the health of a pensioner, a nanny works a full or part time during when she goes shopping, goes to pharmacy, prepares food and makes cleaning, helps to do physical exercises and follows hygiene. Each pensioner may get a state aid if he/she needs a care. The State of Israel spends for this up to 0.5% of the annual budget, so everyone can get help needed.