Dental Implant- A Treatment Of Choice

With the advancement in the dental procedures like that of implant dentistry one can expect a suitable treatment for their diseased or lost teeth. The most…

Implant Dentistry has been significantly enhanced by the availability of implant-supported tooth replacement. The surgical and prosthetic procedures for implant placement and restoration, the predictability, the aesthetic outcome, and the long-term success and stability have been well documented and greatly support implant solutions for tooth replacement. Implant Dentistry continues to evolve, yielding ever-improving aesthetic and functional results and ever-expanding clinical indications.

New technologies and techniques have made Implant Dentistry a mainstream component of lifelong dental healthcare. Implant geometries, textures, abutment selections, and restorative materials continue to evolve, making the clinician’s job easier while providing improved aesthetic outcome for patients. The use of adjacent tooth support allows for preservation of natural and previously restored adjacent teeth. The staged implant approach has given way to accelerated implant sequences involving immediate implants and immediate loading. Fresno Implant Dentists and particularly patients prefer these less invasive and more immediate approaches to tooth replacement.

For the fully or partially edentulous patient, the benefits of implants are life-altering. One need only speak with a fully edentulous patient whose teeth have been restored from full-denture prosthesis to a full-arch, implant-supported prosthesis to get a sense of the impact implants have made in changing life quality. The fully edentulous patient restored with dental implants can function like the dentate patient. Aesthetically pleasing implant prostheses boost a patient’s self-confidence and emotional well-being in ways unobtainable with less permanent dental treatment for the same clinical dilemma. The successful dental implant has been documented to preserve bone dimensions and maintain steady-state bone dimension relative to the implant. This observation has been noted even in the partially edentulous dentition, where progressive periodontal disease may affect the natural dentition while having no similar effect on implants in the same arch.

Improved implant surgical protocols have replaced protracted implant protocols with accelerated ones. Today it is routine to replace hopeless teeth with implants simultaneous with extraction, preserve or enhance aesthetic alveolar and soft-tissue dimensions, augment diminished sinus height, and simultaneously place Dental Implants for both intact and tooth-contained sites. Furthermore, today clinical documentation supports immediate loading or the ability to place an implant and restoration all in the same day. The current accelerated dental implant sequence outcome compares favorably with tooth replacement sequences that rely on existing teeth for support or involve a removable prosthesis.

While original implant textures were most commonly machined or polished, present-day implants have textured surfaces such as TiUnite, Osseotite, SLA, TiOblast, etc, all capable of more rapid and profound integration at an earlier stage in healing. These enhanced surfaces have not only contributed to higher success rates for all implant applications, but also provide a better platform for immediate loading. In this way, they satisfy the patient’s tooth replacement needs the day of surgery for the edentulous patient and the day of tooth extraction for the dentate patient. The improved implant surfaces and larger assortment of implant geometries have given the clinician a more favorable selection for implant placement in the multitude of socket morphologies and edentulous sites in need of implant replacement.

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