Dental care for children Banglore

Children are very sensitive for many diseases than adults, because children immune system is weaker than adults.

Dental care for children

Children are very sensitive for many diseases than adults, because children immune system is weaker than adults. The most common diseases or problems we find in children are dental problems. Parents should care the children dental health.  Parents should teach the children about the brushing and clean of mouth before and after the meal. If this personal hygiene is poor the children will suffer from different dental problems such as tooth decay, gum diseases, canker sores, oral cancers, and TMJ disorders.

Paedodontist is a doctor who is specialist in children’s dentistry. Paedodontist is also called as children’s dentist. Paedodontist involves in caring and prevention diseases of children’s teeth. Paedodontist usually involves dentistry of group of patients like children, babies, toddlers, children to young adults below Children experience dental problems because of not following regular personal hygiene of teeth. Daily we teach children to brush and maintain good healthy gums.

The most common dental problems in children are gum diseases, canker sores and TMJ disorders. Gum diseases cause because of lack of personal hygiene such as infrequent brushing and bathing. Gum diseases may be gum inflammation or bacterial infection of the gum. Gum diseases can be treated by root canal treatment and other dental problems have set of dental surgery techniques.

Swiss smile is one of the leading health care providers. Swiss smile dental clinics are dedicated to promoting healthy and beautiful teeth. Swiss smile is specialized in Dental care. At Swiss smile Kids we have developed unique methods of helping your child overcome any fears he/she may have when visiting the dentist. Our child-friendly clinic has been specially designed to meet the needs of our younger patients, and our dentists have been specially trained to educate children about dental care in a way they can understand.

At Swiss smile the patients will constantly experience

  • Ø Most modern and cutting  edge dental care clinics
  • Ø Internationally well trained team of Dentists extremely warm and friendly staff.
  • Ø Soothing ambience and  non-intimidating environment that puts at ease
  • Ø Works all 7 days in week, excellent parking facilities, and kids play area, free Wi-Fi and great value for money.

Dental care of the children is very important to maintain the overall health of the child. Most of the children will not brush properly or eating sugary foods causes teeth to become blackening. In this case the child should consult a dentist to clean the tooth. The set of dental procedures used to clean the blackening of the teeth is called teeth whitening. This dental care is more common in children.

The Dentists of the Swiss smile investigate the dentistry of the patient and discuss the best possible treatments with you. We at Swiss smile specialized in following dental problems.

  • Ø Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Ø Prosthodontics
  • Ø Paedodontics
  • Ø Orthdontics
  • Ø Endodontics
  • Ø Periodontics
  • Ø TMJ disorders
  • Ø Sleep Apnea
  • Ø Cosmetic Dentistry and teeth whitening
  • Ø Implantology
  • Ø Full mouth rehabilitate