Dangers of Smoking – How Will You Suffer Before Death?

Everyday we have people yearning for intentional or assisted suicide due to intense sufferings from illness or financial pressure. Know what? If you’re smo…

Everyday we have people yearning for intentional or assisted suicide due to intense sufferings from illness or financial pressure. Know what? If you’re smoking right now you could be one of them in near future. Think that’s another sort of scary ‘dangers of smoking’ tale? This article will list the major health risks and how anguishing your life would be if you caught one of them, and I assure you it’s nothing near a dull encyclopedia.

Going from head to feet, mouth or throat cancer comes first. Smoking has been identified as the main cause, and coincidently 90% of those who caught these cancers are smokers either. This is what you will suffer from mouth or throat cancer; a sore on the lip or inside the mouth that does not heal, unexplained pain, bleeding, or numbness in the mouth, a sore throat that does not go away, and pain or difficulty with chewing or swallowing. Review them once more, and imagine if you have it everyday. Life would be dreadful right?

Next would be the most popular lung cancer. There is almost no statistical dispute about it; nearly all smokers eventually get lung cancer. Now picture a life with lung cancer; you wake up everyday with a slight breathing difficulty, you then try to take a deep breath, but doing so resulted in chest pain that last for hours. You then begin to cough as the lungs try hard to rid those poison you smoked in, and soon you’re horrified to find yourself coughing out blood or bloody mucus. Before you even begin the day, fatigue hits you and all enthusiasm in doing anything is lost. Do you think life is meaningful that way?

Cardiovascular disease would be the next stop. Now what exactly is that? Quite simple, it’s something to do with blood vessels. You may be wondering, how is it possible smoking can be associated with the blood vessels? Well, it can just because it really can; the 3000 chemicals you puffed in through cigarettes not only increase your bad cholesterol, they clog up your blood vessels! It can be anywhere – if the vessels supplying the heart is blocked, then you get heart attack, if its the one to the kidney, then you get high blood pressure or kidney failure. Worst is when the vessels supplying the brain is blocked, it can lead to collapse, stroke and paralysis. If any of these illness strikes, only one thing can save you; lots of money in bank, or you will be waiting time in agony.

Talk about money, you must be made to realize that you are carelessly tossing off $250,000 shall you continue the smoking habits for 20 years. How? Just think of the number of pack of cigarettes you bought everyday, the lower salaries you received due to being a smoker, the more expensive health insurance, the extra home, teeth, laundry or car cleaning cost – and the saving interest you could have gain if only you have saved up all of them. If that doesn’t sound a lot, maybe the needs to spend most pension money reversing smoking-damaged health may light off you. What? No travel-round-the-world or happy retirement? Now that’s harsh.

This article on dangers of smoking would be endless if I’m to continue, the main point is that your whole life will be darkened by smoking. Never believe those advertisements from tobacco companies – smoking is never cool, they never show you the ending part; lying on bed skeleton-skinny is not cool at all. Sure life will end at some point, but there’s no reason to artificially put in extra torments before it does end. Why let the future you hate the current you, firm up your decision, quit smoking, and never turn back.