Cures for Acne: Is There Hope of an Acne Cure in the Future?

Suffering from acne? Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on acne products that really don’t work that well? I feel your pain, because I’ve been there. I …

Suffering from acne?  Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on acne products that really don’t work that well?  I feel your pain, because I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like to spend tons of cash out of pocket because insurance doesn’t cover much for acne help.  Additionally, finding cures for acne are almost impossible, because there is no such thing as a cure.  It’s not X-Men.  It’s real life.  Acne is not a disease that can be cured; it can only be controlled to elimination.

That being said, natural cures for acne are easier to use sometimes than prescription cures for acne.  For instance, natural cures can often be found at an organic market, the grocery store, or even Walmart or Target, while prescription cures cost more because you not only have to buy the product, you must pay for a doctor’s appointment to get the prescription to begin with.

Also, natural cures are usually less detrimental to your body’s overall health.  Things like Accutane (or its generic equivalents) are powerful acne killers that, while effective in drying up acne, also work to dry up all the rest of your body, too, resulting in chapped and bloody lips, bloody nose, acne scars, and birth defects in pregnant women.  However, some may find they really need this, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t take it if you and your doctor decide it’s necessary.

Doctors are also too quick to prescribe oral contraceptives.  True, the birth control pill has been revolutionized to the point where risks are sometimes minimal, but I don’t like to take a chance.  These things have a tendency to cause birth defects down the line, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and worse acne when you decide you don’t want to take them anymore.  Besides, what are guys supposed to do?  Oral contraceptives don’t work on them last I checked.

Some doctors also recommend hormone therapy.  Again, you should be very cautious when beginning to use something that messes with your hormones like that.  Should you ever choose to discontinue use, your body might just freak out.