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Nowadays more and more people consume cigarettes, alcohol, etc. The consumption borders on abuse. Out of these groups is a huge chunk of teenagers. There a…

Nowadays more and more people consume cigarettes, alcohol, etc. The consumption borders on abuse. Out of these groups is a huge chunk of teenagers. There are many reasons why they consume these deadly and life threatening diseases. Some of them will be discussed below along with their symptoms. Why has this become a pressing issue of late? It is because of the fact that many recent surveys have found out a staggering truth. It was a no fact hidden that teens smoked or drank; however, now, the new trend has seen a rise by almost 100% in the Indian metros. More and more teenagers, including school going kids have taken to smoking. What drives them to taking up a bad habit?

Smoking and drinking is a serious issue that affects many across the world but of late it has started many health practitioners and parents alike. Teenagers now can be seen taking pegs, bottles, shots and puffs to celebrate everything – from a cricket match to birthdays, before and after an exam, from celebrating a weekend to just passing time with friends. There is no event which passes by in a sober state as drinking and smoking become the common factor in all celebrations. Although the Indian law makes it illegal for a minor to consume alcohol, it is not difficult for them to get their hands on it. The drinks are easily available in clubs, bars and sometimes an older cousin or older brother/sister helps them get one. Not only alcohol, but smoking has also increased. It is commonplace to see teenagers puffing the day away on college campuses.

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People pass the buck when it comes to analysing the reasons why teenagers drink or smoke. Is it because it can be seen in abundance in today’s movies and theirs being an impressionable mind, they tend to follow suit; or do they follow their elders and are tempted to drink and smoke; or they are inclined to follow suit out of boredom or to get rid of stress. Youngsters face many issues at an early age if they are addicted to smoking and drinking. Respiratory and non respiratory diseases are common. They get addicted to nicotine which is a very hard habit to break as well. Teenagers are also at an increased risk of getting a stroke or heart attack if they have been an addict for quite some time. They physical fitness levels reduce and climbing stairs of even one floor seems a tedious task. They also suffer from shortness of breath which may lead to a heart failure. Drinking may alter their behaviour as they consumer without guidance and can lose balance. This trend is dangerous because a youngster under the influence of alcohol may break a law, cross the road without seeing the signs properly, drive, experience hallucinations, be injured while waking, playing a sport, etc.

It is best to have a matured conversation with your kids so that they understand the pros and cons of things around them. It is important to note whether your kid is suffering from a psychological disorder or not. A proper, mature and clear communication is the trick here. Chiding them will not solve the problem as it may lead them to rebel and smoke or drink even more. Also, make sure you have the best health insurance policy in order to secure your future. The best health insurance plan lets you stay tension free about medical eventualities that may strike anytime. It therefore makes sense to cover you and your family.