Cost of Chiropractic Care vs. Medical Care

The rising medical costs has lead to an increased appreciation for chiropractic in the health care field in the past few years because of its low cost in p…

The rising medical costs has lead to an increased appreciation for chiropractic in the health care field in the past few years because of its low cost in providing more efficient results than other traditional medical procedures.

Comparing chiropractic care and medical care

While comparing chiropractic and traditional medical care, you find that the major difference between the two lies not only in its price, but also in its treatment method and results.

Obviously, treatment is much cheaper for chiropractic care as there is no use of any medical equipment or prescription drugs to treat a condition. However despite not using any drugs to treat the condition, the person treated using chiropractic care usually experiences better results in certain conditions than the traditional medicine patient. So while both treatment processes are effective in treating a condition, the savings on costs make chiropractic care a better treatment option.

Approximate chiropractic costs

A typical chiropractic session involves the manipulation of the vertebrae, arms and hands as per the patient’s health problem and requirements. Depending on the case, the length and the frequency of the chiropractic sessions are extended. On an average, a typical chiropractic session costs about $65 which fluctuates based on the frequency and length of the treatment, to as high as $65 and as low as $34.

The first consultation with the chiropractor will be a little higher as the chiropractor has to conduct an overall health evaluation to assess your viability for chiropractic care and ensure chiropractic care does not harm your health.However follow up costs are cheaper. In case your doctor advises additional procedures that require the use of equipment like x-ray, acupuncture or massage sessions, you have to pay additional fees for these services.Additional savings

Not only is chiropractic care cheaper than traditional medical care, there are other additional options to save money through chiropractic care. •    Chiropractic care is usually covered in health insurance plans and is considered to be tax-deductible. •    There are some chiropractors who work on a cash-only basis and charge less than others.

•    To top it all, chiropractic care not only provides relief from pain, but also treats the underlying condition so that pain doesn’t return.

Traditional treatment costs

On the contrary, an average doctor’s visit costs anywhere between $60 to $300 based on the doctor and the problem to be treated. Even if you have insurance coverage, the deductible you pay can make a deep hole in your pocket. To top it all, you have to spend money on medication, making a simple back pain you get while gardening cost $1000 to get treated.While pain medication reduces the pain, it does not treat the injury. So once the medication wears off, the pain returns and in the long time, you get addicted to the medication.So if you compare chiropractic care and medical care, it is cheaper and not only gets you out of pain, but also treats the underlying pain so that it doesn’t return. However as chiropractors don’t use harmful medication, pain relief is not instantaneous, but the end result is usually better in certain musculo-skeletal conditions.