Commonly asked health questions- All answered here!

Often people are extremely concerned about some of the health issues yet never manage to muster the courage to ask their doctor… Here are the ‘Top 5&am…

Often people are extremely concerned about some of the health issues yet never manage to muster the courage to ask their doctor… Here are the ‘Top 5′ most common questions that pop up in the mind of people yet they refrain from asking their doctor about the same. Therefore, if you are among those, here is a cheat sheet to all your questions.

Q1. Do smokers hurt their children?

Yes. Parents who smoke are responsible for negatively impacting the immune system of their children. This further result in the child being more susceptible to respiratory tract diseases, infections, and allergies. Remember the fact that prolonged exposure to second hand smoke damages the DNA. Another lethal reality is that taking in smoke or being exposed to second hand smoke can cause cancer of the lungs, mouth, lips, nasal cavity, sinuses, voice box, throat, food pipe, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterus, cervix, ovary, colon and rectum. Therefore, living in a society, all of us have the responsibility to protect the children from breathing in this toxic.

Q2. How early at age should a girl take a preventive examination?

One of the most basic and critical examination for a girl is to go in for her breast medical examination at the age of 18. Once the girl gets sexually active, no matter what her age is, she should go in for the screening of sexually transmitted diseases and get educated about pregnancy and its vital symptoms. In the case of cervical cancer, both girls and boys of the ages 9 to 12 should get vaccinated against Human Papiloma Viruses. Know more, do more; this vaccination is now considered a standard of health care.

Q3. Does laughter really increase one’s lifespan?

A good question indeed! It is true that laughter does prolong the length of one’s livelihood. Numerous researches conducted on ‘laughter being a medicine for real’ claims that it not only reduces stress but also aids in reducing pain, improving immunity and lowers blood pressure enormously. Laughter triggers a happy hormone in our body, which helps us live longer. So, waste no more time and stretch your life span by including loads on laughter in your daily schedule! You could also try to inculcate laughing exercises in your daily exercise routine.

Q4. Are organic foods a ‘real’ health booster?

Organic foods are known to be a rich source of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Most vegetables that are grown conventionally are said to be 60% adulterated with pesticides. You should be a smart judge and understand that consuming chemicals that are used to grow and yield more produce are certainly not good for you. You should also be cautious and avoid consuming canned and processed foods to avoid the chemicals from entering your body.

Q5. Is antibiotic consumption, on a frequent basis, harmful?

Antibiotics have become very crucial in the lives of many; however, it should be taken only when prescribed. Taking antibiotics more than often or too frequently could lead to dangerous outcomes. Using over the counter antibiotics will reduce the efficiency of the drug against the target bacteria and they will build resistance to them. Antibiotics are bacteria-killers that when used too often are easily resisted by the bacteria. Misuse of these relief givers will make the bacteria immune and hence will no longer fight the infection.

Asking a doctor any query that pops up in your head should never be an embarrassing moment for you. Therefore, it’s best suggested to have a general / family practicing doctor to answer and solve all your doubts. You could also book a family/ general practitioner’s appointment online by logging on to the India family/ general practitioners’ directory right away.