Childhood Diseases And Problems

Children can suffer from a number of skin problems including measles, hives and eczema. Eczema is a frustrating condition which can be chronic and the itch…

Worries over chicken pox, measles or other illnesses are important despite the use of vaccinations. Another problem that can start at birth and last throughout a lifetime is eczema in children. If you child suffers this problem, you are probably frantic over trying to find relief.

Most likely, you are one of the cases where you’ve been dealing with it since the child was born. However, it is treatable. Keep in mind that good hygiene is important; just don’t use soaps that can irritate the skin. And if your child is still in diapers, it is a necessity to keep that area cleaned often. Don’t let the child sit in wet or soiled diapers. Bacteria can only make any skin problem worse.

There has been myth stating that by avoiding light you could help alleviate the symptoms of this disease. But this is mistaken. In fact, some health care providers use UV light to address the problem with excellent results. The standard treatments use cortisone creams and antihistamines to help with itching and inflammation.

Avoiding scratching, drinking water and moisturizing are also important. Remember that this is not a contagious condition so try to let others know that your child can safely be able to play with other kids. Of course, if there is broken skin, staying out of dirt and avoiding bacterial infections is a very good idea.

Relief for dermatitis can be found through soothing oatmeal baths as well as reducing histamine. Some people use natural solutions which include supplements of omega 3 oils as well as avoiding foods with common allergens. Foods that may cause problems include dairy items, wheat products and certain types of nuts. Itching can be a cause for much grief, so do whatever you can to make your child more comfortable.