Changing Opinions On Health Care Reform

While everyone has an opinion on the health care overhaul, including concierge doctors, a new report by the nonprofit policy think tank RAND Corp might hav…

While everyone has an opinion on the health care overhaul, including concierge doctors, a new report by the nonprofit policy think tank RAND Corp might have you thinking differently. Everyone knew the system was broken and has been broken for a very long time. There are many reasons why primary care physicians are turning to concierge medicine, but some of the most influential reasons are due to the fact that this health care system we’ve been using for generations just isn’t working. Something had to change, and while the current change might not be what many people wanted, according to RAND Corp it’s much better than no change at all.

From US News, the new U.S. health care reform law was the best option for providing health insurance to the largest number of people while keeping federal government costs as low as possible, according to an analysis by the RAND Corp., a nonprofit policy think tank.

Researchers used a specially designed computer model to simulate more than 2,000 different policy scenarios and found that the only alternatives to the new health reform law were all politically difficult because they would have included much higher penalties for noncompliance, lower government subsides, and less generous Medicaid expansion.

This study, which will appear in the June issue of the journal of Health Affairs, isn’t getting much attention. Why? Probably because it’s not incredibly controversial. The simple fact of the matter is that something had to change, and this was the best change to make for our health care system.

According to study author Elizabeth McClynn, a senior researcher at RAND, “Of all the proposals on the table that would expand health insurance to more Americans, the final health reform law included those that covered the largest number of people at the lowest cost to the federal government.”

The only alternatives that would have covered more Americans at a lower cost to the federal government were all politically untenable‚ÄĒsubstantially higher penalties for those who don’t comply with mandates, lower government subsidies and less-generous Medicaid expansion.

So, sure we can talk and complain and mumble under our breath about the horrible situation our health care system is in and how things are only going to get worse through “Obamacare.” But, the truth behind all of the controversy might just be that things are so terribly bad right now, so incredibly unorganized and ineffective, that the health care overhaul is our best option. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when this is the best option.

But, of course, there are always other options, and that’s where concierge medicine comes into the picture.

Concierge medicine creates an environment that allows for traditional health care to merge with progressive and technologically advanced medicine. Built on a strong foundation of trust and communication, the relationship that you have with your concierge doctor is nothing like the one you currently have with your family physician. While health care reform is changing the way American’s look at health care, concierge medicine is changing the way doctors care for their patients.

The health care system might be extremely riddled with flaws, and might continue to be consumed with red tape after the health care overhaul takes effect, concierge medicine will always remain uncomplicated.  RAND Corp may have shown that the changes for health care are the best options we have, but there is still a lot of fear about the incredible consequences that reform will have on physician reimbursement (aka Medicare cuts), patient wait time, quality of medicine, and time spent with physicians.

Back in 2005, it was estimated that there were only 250 concierge doctors in America with roughly 100,000 patients. Today it’s estimated that number has jumped to 5,000 concierge doctors with thousands more patients. Because of the fears that seem to be attached to health care reform, concierge medicine is seeing its greatest growth ever. Some experts believe the growth will sky-rocket to 50, 60, and even 70% in some areas.

Concierge medicine, also known as boutique medicine and VIP medicine, just like health care reform, comes with its own stigma. But, perhaps as more and more physicians convert to concierge medicine, certain ideas and preconceived notions about want concierge medicine is will change.