Career in Hospital Management – Tips from Janine Zargar

Hospital Management is a field that requires quite a lot of commitment and a degree in Hospital management. One need not require a degree in medial science…

Hospital Management according to Janine Zargar has become quite a big sector with young and energetic people with excellent track record in academics flocking to it in large numbers. One need not be a hardcore student of medical sciences to pursue this course and make it big in the hospital management scenario but a degree in medical will surely be a shot in the arm for a person trying to get control of a hospital. Janine Zargar believes that managing a hospital is much different from any other organization as the needs and working style in managing a hospital differ clearly from that of a normal organization.

A degree in Hospital management opens up a plethora of opportunities for a person in terms of the avenues and the diversity of opportunities. Some of the fields where a person with an experience and degree in hospital management can expect are Clinics, Consulting firms, Health Insurance Organizations, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physician practice, Mental health organizations, Public health departments, Rehabilitation centers, Skilled nursing facilities, Universities and research institutions.

According to Janine Zargar managing a health care facility or a hospital is not as easy as it looks there are many aspects in these set ups which need people from non medical backgrounds to keep the show going on. Finance, Marketing, Human resources form the core of any organization and all these have to be managed properly while managing a hospital so that they are at an optimized level and don’t form a hindrance in the growth and day to day working of the hospital.

The Information system, relations with the government bodies, Material management, the interpersonal relationships of the staff, Patient care services along with planning and development all form a part of the KRA’s of a hospital manager.

A Hospital Manager like Janine Zargar makes it sure that no aspect of the hospital is left unattended by her. A Hospital manager can also become superintendent and dean of medical departments with substantial responsibilities after required experience. Thus Janine Zargar states that getting into Hospital management does not really require you to be a doctor by profession but one needs to be really committed to his or her work and needs to know al the aspects that go into the working of a Hospital.

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