Cancer – We know that the cause and cure

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the body, and this proved to be destructive and life-threatening within a certain period of time. Cancer is named…

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the body, and this proved to be destructive and life-threatening within a certain period of time. Cancer is named after the type of cell growth, organ or part of the body it affects. Traditional methods of treating cancer are: – surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy.

Modern medicine can cure or control most of the day to see cancer, but a complete cure may not be possible for those who are a large part, and side effects of treatment and recurrence of major problems.

In this scenario, Ayurvedic herbal specific and plays an important role in the management and treatment of cancer. Nearest Ayurvedic Cancer is the term ‘Rakta-Arbud, “which refers to a malignant tumor.

The most important step in any serious illness “prevention.” Ayurveda to a healthier lifestyle, balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. There is a strong stress-balanced, nourishing diet, regular exercise and rest, regular preventive treatment of the body, and a holistic approach to physical and spiritual needs.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines may be safely used as a complementary therapy to modern treatment of various types of cancer. Treatment is available in three stages: – (i) a reduction in tumor size (ii) to prevent or stop cancer cells spread through the blood and lymph ducts, and (iii) to treat damaged tissue. This treatment also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Herbal medicines such as Guggul (Commiphora Mukul), Indian Podophyllum (Podophyllum hexandrum) Sadapuli (Lochner rosea), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), and Heerak Bhasma are used to reduce tumor size. Mode of action is complex, the tumor cells act directly, while others increase the body’s immunity and indirectly reduce tumor size. Coat of Arms and minerals like Arogya-Vardhini, Triphala Guggul, and Chandraprabha combinations are also helpful.

One has to wonder why, after billions of dollars in research and development of cancer treatment are informed that you have a greater chance of getting cancer today than you did in 1950. In fact, if you are diagnosed with cancer today your chances of survival are what they were in 1950, a large number of cases, the majority in fact.

Our health care system and our government has been lying and misleading the public about the traditional medical treatment of cancer efficacy. Chemotherapy drugs, surgery and radiation are the most profitable health industry services and products on the planet. Cancer treatment is more profitable than any other disease. Most of us have no idea what this is big business. Some families billions of dollars a year profit from treating cancer. When we say, for the treatment of cancer, that’s what you mean. There is a lot less profit in curing it. I think that if we cure cancer now that the cancer has been eradicated from the planet trillions of dollars will be lost! Both procedures are government mandated. Thus, the economic pyramid at the top, and you had cancer or not. You are forced to keep it in a way that makes money for those who profit from disease. And that is true because they are actively maintaining alternative cures from the market, it is very difficult to provide and choose an alternative method to cure cancer.

With any disease, if you find the cause, then the treatment is. So, what is the cause of cancer? Researchers tell us that we do not know the reason. This is simply not true. According to “Natural Cures They Do not Want You To Know About” by Kevin Trudeaux cancer known cause high levels of the health sector, and this information is suppressed and hidden from the American public. This is exactly the same situation that happened with big tobacco and Ford and General Motors. Big Tobacco knew as early as 1950, that their product causes cancer and disease.