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Bravelle is a highly purified human derived follicle stimulating hormone (hFSH) which means it is pure and natural which is been generated from human urine after getting purified in various stages and removed all the unwanted substances in it and left out with pure hormone. This is approved in May 2002 for the treatment of infertility; the drug is used to overcome the problems related to ovulation induction following pituitary suppression. It is used in conjunction with human chorionic gonadotropin. Bravelle is available for both subcutaneous and intramuscular injection.

When a doctor or a fertility specialist advices or prescribes to use Bravelle the drug that is available is Urofollitropin. This is the drug used for women to overcome there stimulating related problems as well as to help the ovaries to produce multiple eggs for use in “in vitro” fertilization.

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Bravelle sale

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