Black Market Demand for Steroid-borne Testosterone

The demand for steroid-borne testosterone is at an all time high! Discover what the black market has done about the demand.

Testosterone is a hot product, a perpetually moving stock. Testosterone products are rarely vouchsafed for genuine advertising pranks because their demand is obscenely high. Product quality is further compromised by the fact that most testosterone products are anabolic steroids which are illegal or controlled substances. This makes the testosterone-carrying steroids to be in vibrant circulation in the underground, where anything goes by the power of the dollar.

Basically, the demand for hormonal-testosterone replacement for both males and females exists in numerous conditions like sexual dysfunction, libido loss or even chronic fatigue. Neuronal degeneration is also a major prompter of testosterone demand especially in cases of Alzheimer’s Syndrome. These are examples of instances where testosterone needs is legal and can be easily assessed through prescriptions.

Steroids containing relatively high levels f testosterone in the black market go for as high as $300-400 million every year in the US. Yet half of these anabolic products sold annually are counterfeit and placebos. Product labels bear claims of legal importation even though many are either diluted or totally bogus contents. This is understandable because the black market features no control or regulation of the illegal anabolic steroids.

There are however many government registered manufacturers of testosterone steroids in the world with numerous products in the market. Organon for example is a Dutch company which produces much of the steroid consumed in the world today especially in the form of injectable testosterone substances. Most of these products are then initially purchased in Europe and then resold via the internet to numerous illegal outlets.

Proctor and Gamble is also renowned for manufacturing testosterone-carrying steroids. At present P&G are jointly manufacturing a new set of testosterone patches and pills for women with Watson. The two multinationals are developing a new generation of transdermal testosterone products and diverse estrogens which are pioneering unprecedented treatment formulas for sexual dysfunction cases in the 21st Century.

Unfortunately, this legal and controlled production of steroids cans not satisfy the demand for testosterone. Women need estrogen hormones to feel feminine, just as men need hormonal testosterone for motivation in business dealing, workouts, of course to feel manly and more importantly, to develop and maintain firm erections. Practicing doctors are always reluctant in prescribing testosterone even if it has been an approved substance by FDA for the last 60 years.

Testosterone can be sourced from progesterone in females. Testosterone has even been used of late to stimulate female’s sexual drive especially in minimal doses for women with menopause induced sexual go slow. Black market sources of testosterone products have no authenticity. Purity and genuinity of these black markets is always questionable especially if packed in non-branded testosterone packages. But also remember that labels too can be counterfeit. Most fakes are outrageous high to make them seem legitimate. Shipment companies charge a very high price and do not guarantee delivery because of eminent customs confiscation. Mail delivery and insurance enterprises are today generating huge profits from the steroids trade.