Best Dental Implants Mumbai, India

Most of us who need one or more dental implants, are often avoiding this procedure due to its high cost. Fortunately, there are alternative options: pocket…

Most of us who need one or more dental implants, are often avoiding this procedure due to its high cost. Fortunately, there are alternative options: pocket-friendly and high quality.

Dental implants in Mumbai, India is an option that provides patients with the benefits of the Indian well developed healthcare system and the affordable prices hard to get in your own country. Indian dentists are highly specialized and trained, and the dental services are recognized and appreciated worldwide.

But, before taking their decision, patients ask a series of questions regarding the procedure and its advantages.

What are dental implants Mumbai, India and how can they help me?

Dental implants can be the best solution for your lacking teeth. They look and feel exactly as the natural teeth. As soon as the implants are integrated within the bone, they can prevent the bone reabsorption and the gum recession. More exactly, a dental implant is an artificial root placed within the mandible or within the jaw, in order to sustain a crown or a dental bridge.


They are cost efficient: thanks to the fact that only one tooth is replaced, and not three (as in the case of the dental bridge), the dental implant can, indeed, cost less.

They save other teeth: dental implants don’t affect the quality of other existing teeth, as a dental bridge would do. The neighbouring teeth are not destroyed in order to sustain the implant. The natural teeth are left untouched – a long-term benefit for the oral health.

 Comfort: dental implants allow you to comfortably and confidently talk and eat. You can now kiss the mobile dental prosthesis goodbye.

Warranty: the dental implants’ success rate is very high. They are considered an excellent option for teeth replacement.

Am I a suited candidate for this procedure?

The ideal candidate has a good overall health status. It’s mandatory that the jawbone to be healthy, to have a proper quantity and quality for the implant insertion. The best candidates have healthy gums and don’t suffer from the periodontal disease. Smoking slows down the curing process, but it’s not an absolute contraindication. Dental implants are connected to the gum and the bone within your mouth.

How is the treatment like?

Depending on specific conditions and the number of implants, there will be a treatment plan created, customized to your needs.

What should I expect afterwards?

As you already know, your teeth require a great care. The dental implants are like your own teeth, so they will need the same attention. In order to keep the implants clean and free of plaque or tartar, brushing and flossing are highly advisable. Implants can replace one, more, or even all your teeth. If the bone is initially insufficient, there are some bone augmentation procedures that can be done.