Be a better corporate leader with corporate mindfulness training

The concept of corporate mindfulness training has become very popular these days. It is a mind training program tailored to the needs and challenges of a b…

The concept of corporate mindfulness training has become very popular these days. It is a mind training program tailored to the needs and challenges of a busy work life. It has been developed in collaboration with authorities from business, science and mind training. Corporate mindfulness training programs are very fruitful and lead to increased focus and concentration, improved efficiency, better mental well-being and work-life balance and much decreased stress.

Such programs are one of the most lucrative aspects of the health and wellness industry. More and more numbers of companies are opting for corporate wellness programs to augment morale and find less expensive alternatives to rising employee healthcare costs. Popular offerings focus on everything from nutrition education, live fitness classes, mindfulness training and yoga as well as lunchtime massages.

What is mindfulness? To put it in simple way, it is the idea of being calm, composed and at the same time self-aware. It is also the concept of paying attention to the interpersonal dynamics occurring in the current moment, is vital to leadership and overall wellness at every degree of workplace culture. In today’s fast life and rat race situation where there is immense overload of technology interface, multi-tasking, general information, brief product cycles, and global markets and supply chains, it is very difficult to garner focus and clarity- essential elements of good decision making.  Mental, physical as well as emotional respites within the daily workplace environment serve to ground and sustain the focus of the employees by promoting more skillful responses to difficult situations. It helps them to handle work challenges and conflicts without feeling over-burdened, frustrated, or discouraged.

One can be immensely befitted from Meridian Acupressure message and longevity training. Acupressure is an ancient healing art that relies upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of energy meridians in the body, and is the practice of applying pressure to specific points of the body along these meridians. Acupressure opens up blocked or compromised energy pathways within the body. In Japan, acupressure is called Shiatsu.

It has been proven that acupressure is a valuable tool for combating nausea, among other common ailments. Acupressure techniques cause the brain to release feel-good chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine or endorphins that block chemicals responsible for feelings of nausea and vomiting. The theory behind Acupressure maintains that it can be done by applying varying degrees of physical pressure by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices on specific points. It helps release muscular tension, promotes the circulation of blood and the body energy to aid healing. These points are same as the acupuncture points which are specific locations where the meridians come to the surface of the skin. The acupressure practitioners also claim to have cured Breast Cancer , Asthma , Diabetes, Renal (Kidney) Failures , Intestinal Problems ,Gouts/Stones in Kidney & Bladder, Paralysis ,PMS, Infertility, Menopause, Pregnancy Problems, Backaches, Spondalitis, Slipped Disks, Fractures, and Dislocations, Arthritis and Rheumatism. Experts who have Medical qigong certificate can be trusted for giving responsibility of the well beings of the corporate employees.