Back Pain Pinched Nerve – Be Aware Of The Real Signs & Symptoms And Treatment Modalities

Are you making difficult time dealing with back pain? Why is it that back pain is felt when one sleeps awkwardly? This may be due to back pain pinched nerv…

Are you making difficult time dealing with back pain? Why is it that back pain is felt when one sleeps awkwardly? This may be due to back pain pinched nerve that can happen many times with or without your awareness.

Pinched nerve is a definition of a compressed or constricted nerve. Our nerves are interconnected from the brain through the spinal cord to the different areas of the body. As such, when the nerves are pinched, neurological messages carried and delivered by the nerves are not sent. It can cause inability of the person to move well, think properly and other inabilities on some part of the body that are affected by the nerve. Back pain is one result of pinched nerve because of pressure applied to the muscles, cartilage, tissues and bones. As such, interruption of the normal body functioning can be hindered and greatly affected.

Significant manifestations

The very typical of back pain pinched nerve is the radiating pain from the lower back down to the legs which is coined as referred pain. Aside from the referred pain, numbness, back spasms and some painful, tingling and hot/cold sensations at the back can also be felt.

Within 2 to 4 weeks, pinched nerve at the back can be cured. Now, what are the interventions that will give you total relief from back pain caused by pinched nerve? Can we have some important and practical ways in treating this burden we are feeling? Or we should mainly focus on the proven medical interventions that are suggested to treat back pain pinched nerve? Well, worry less because whatever interventions therein, practical or medical, they are on hand.

Significant Practical & Self-Care Interventions 

  • Give some time for your back to be well rested. Take a warm or hot shower to relax muscle spasms.
  • Do some hot & cold compress that must be done alternately.Sometimes ice will work better than heat; at other times, a heating pad will do a better job of relieving pain. Do experiment to determine boldly your preference and what is more effective for you.
  • Avoid muscle straining by carrying heavy loads. Avoid engaging into sports that require you harsh movements that are beyond normal, such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.
  • Have some massage therapy. Back rubs are usually therapeutic and relieves pain even better.
  • Add more fiber to the diet. It allows easy and normal passage of stool without straining at all. Back pain can be aggravated with straining.
  • When pain is felt, you can apply the following relaxation techniques: music therapy, refocusing, fragrance therapy, and deep breathing exercises. Those techniques can give you soothing effect in mind and body as your pain attention will be diverted.
  • Do general range of motion exercises and stretches as tolerated.

Medications & Medical Interventions

  • Find some time to consult with your health care providers for comprehensive view of your condition and for proper treatment.
  • You need to have some physiotherapy as per advised by your doctor for strengthening of back muscles and to lessen significant signs & symptoms.
  • Take religiously your medication depending on the health care provider’s advice. Medications for pinched nerve at the back may include steroids (cortisone injections) and NSAIDs (Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Cortisone and NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) as a treatment does not only provide relief from pain but also treat inflammations of the nerves being pinched or constricted. Examples of cortisones include Celestones, Kenalog and other steroid preparation. More so, examples of NSAIDs include Aspirin & Ibuprofen.
  • Surgery is the last recourse and only when the pinched nerve in the back is severe.

Because of great advances in technology these days, problems about back pain pinched nerve are not really a big worry. You may be able to realize that there are interventions that can give a total relief from back pain caused by pinched nerve.  The only thing that you can do is to do an important decision which intervention is best for your situation. Be careful in deciding the different interventions for you and as much as possible, a help from a health expert or your trustworthy health care professional should be sought.

So, just remember all those things and worry less and be happy as you say goodbye now to back pain pinched nerve!