AUXILIO's Workflow Efficiency Solutions Streamline St. Joseph Hospital of Orange's Registration Process, Ensuring Quality Health Care From t

Hospitals are challenged to consistently deliver a positive experience and ensure all patient information is collected securely and accurately. Registratio…

The Challenge

St. Joseph Hospital of Orange is one of 25 health care ministries within the St. Joseph Health System (SJHS), the 10th largest not-for-profit health system in the United States, and one of the largest in the state of California. Located in Orange County, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange has 525 beds, 3,800 employees and a 1,000-member medical staff making it one of the busiest hospitals in Orange County. For the past three years U.S. News & World Report has named St. Joseph Hospital one of “America’s Best Hospitals” for Orthopedic Care. In addition, Integrated Healthcare Association named St. Joseph Hospital a “Top Performer”, based on clinical quality, patient experience, information technology-enabled systems and coordinated diabetes care. The hospital attributes its reputation, growth and achievements to its constant pursuit of “Perfect Care” through the integration of best practices, a focus on cutting-edge research, investment in the latest medical technology and responsiveness to community needs.

Considering the complex interactions required to care for a single patient, hospitals are challenged to consistently deliver a satisfactory experience and ensure all patient information is collected securely and accurately. Registration is the beginning of the complex workflow process and involves a wide range of manual, paper-driven tasks that are critical to maintaining the continuity of care. St. Joseph Hospital of Orange’s Outpatient Registration department handles 250 patients per day at nine service windows from the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., producing an average of 1,200 documents. Known for their superior care, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange was committed to ensuring their registration area be organized and standardized, and that essential technology, including widely-used copiers and scanners, be located conveniently for staff to deliver a superior registration process that puts its patients first.

The Solution

To ensure quality health care from the start and an efficient workflow process, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange made the reorganization of Outpatient Registration a high priority and classified the project as a “Rapid Improvement Event”, a common quality improvement methodology used in health care involving rapid-cycle quality improvement. Hospital administrators assembled a cross-functional team of experts to implement its “6S Process for Execution” and immediately looked to AUXILIO, the first and only health care exclusive, vendor independent managed print services (MPS) provider in the country and St. Joseph Hospital of Orange’s trusted print strategy and solutions partner since 2005.

AUXILIO conducted a comprehensive audit of the area, evaluated space and operation, created a detailed inventory of registration documentation, mapped the location of all equipment and delivered an in-depth situational workflow analysis that examined usage patterns and uncovered waste and inefficiencies. AUXILIO’s “Centers of Excellence” experts, led by a Resident Manager, were integral to the quality improvement effort and helped to deliver creative solutions that would improve Outpatient Registration’s workflow. Next, AUXILIO helped improve workflow processes by:

  • Reorganizing the print environment and created three groups of workstations, each efficiently utilizing the closest printers, faxes and scanners
  • Implementing print environment redundancy to reduce downtime
  • Replacing large, intrusive copiers located outside of the work area with smaller, more convenient desktop copiers
  • Creating a systematic process that better utilizes scanners to help reduce the workload on the newly acquired desktop copiers
  • Reduce the amount of manuals and increase efficiency at each workstation
  • Monitoring the workflow on an ongoing basis, soliciting valuable employee feedback and making adjustments to the print infrastructure whenever necessary

Consistent with its business model to work collaboratively with hospital executives to achieve goals, AUXILIO helped organize the registration area for maximum efficiency to improve workflow processes, expedite patients, and proactively prevent inaccuracies in patient information. Registration for St. Joseph Hospital of Orange’s Imaging Department moved from the second floor to the first floor as part of the Rapid Improvement Event and merged with registration for the Mammography Department and Surgicenter, allowing patients for all three departments to be registered by the same personnel in a more convenient work area. With easy access from the front lobby as well as the outpatient entrance, the new Outpatient Registration provides increased convenience, privacy and comfort for St. Joseph Hospital of Orange patients and their families.

The Impact

Time is of the essence in hospital care when minutes can make the difference in the experience of the public and the perceived quality care of each patient. AUXILIO’s workflow efficiency solutions and high performance standards significantly improved St. Joseph Hospital of Orange’s registration process by drastically reducing patient admissions check-in time from 23 minutes to approximately seven minutes, or by 75 percent. In addition, AUXILIO transformed Outpatient Registration from a congested, unorganized and inefficient workspace into a streamlined, integrated and optimized print environment with a 13 percent volume reduction in less than a week’s timeframe under the hospital’s guidelines for a Rapid Improvement Event. As a result, staff is now better equipped to manage critical documentation and advance patients, information and resources through the health care continuum, and ultimately, improve its overall patient care and hospital staff satisfaction.

“Creating efficiencies in the patient registration process was a key objective of our hospital and critical to our pursuit of delivering superior health care. Our relationship with AUXILIO is one of those partnerships where we know they’re always going to be there for us, delivering solutions that significantly improve our workflow, saving our hospital time and money. With AUXILlO, we realize the benefits from workstation, all the way to the bedside.”¬†– Jennifer Cronkrite Wopershall – Outpatient Registration,¬†Supervisor, St. Joseph Hospital.

Due to the success of AUXILIO’s business model as the only MPS company in the nation that works exclusively in the health care industry, there is not another company that can duplicate or outperform AUXILIO’s print strategy solutions for hospitals. From the point of entry, to the assessment review and throughout the expedited execution of AUXILIO’s workflow efficiency process, the Company’s hospital-partners realize a transformative print environment that optimizes process improvement, maximizes savings and guarantees results across the entire enterprise.