Ask the Encinitas Cosmetic Dentist: About Tooth Whitening, PART 2

This article, part 2 of 2, explores some of the common issues and questions pertaining to having your teeth lightened through tooth bleaching therapy.

Ask the Encinitas Cosmetic Dentist: Introduction

In our previous blog post, we addressed some of the questions frequently asked by patients interested in receiving a dental teeth whitening treatment from the Encinitas cosmetic dentist. Issues such as professional whitening versus home bleaching kits were tackled in order to provide you, the readers, with a better perspective on what is best for your oral health and aesthetics. In the second installment, the Encinitas cosmetic dentist will provide some more answers to frequently asked questions concerning dental whitening.

Question 4 ~ Is tooth whitening safe, or will it damage my teeth in the long run?

Many years’ worth of research and clinical testing has been dedicated to both the long and short term impacts of tooth whitening upon the health of the teeth and gums. But, according to the Encinitas cosmetic dentist, this research has shown it to be completely safe and to have no negative effects on your oral health. If you are really concerned about the safety of tooth whitening then it is always advisable that you:

  • Receive your whitening treatment directly from the Encinitas cosmetic dentist or a related qualified healthcare professional,

  • Consult with the Encinitas cosmetic dentist before embarking upon a home bleaching treatment. He will want to perform a thorough clinical exam (to make sure it is cavity-free) as well as perform a professional cleaning of your mouth. This will optimize the results of the whitening treatment and minimize the risks of pain and sensitivity from developing in response to the chemical bleaching agents.

  • In conjunction with the advice you get from the Encinitas cosmetic dentist, follow the directions on your home bleaching kit very closely and stop immediately should any pain or acute sensitivity develop.

Question 5 ~ What should I do if my teeth and gums become sensitive in response to the bleaching treatment?

Nowadays, the Encinitas cosmetic dentist uses bleaching gels that are well-buffered, rendering sensitivity far less of a problem to the patients receiving a dental whitening treatment. If there is any sensitivity, then it is usually in response to extreme temperatures (such as hot coffee and cold ice-cream) and is generally expected to disappear after 48 hours. If you are using a home whitening kit and sensitivity ensues, then the Encinitas cosmetic dentist recommends that you try wearing the mouthguard with the bleaching gel for shorter periods of time and use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. You might also want to compliment your whitening treatment with a fluoride product that will help re-mineralize your teeth. This you can brush onto your teeth or wear in your mouth tray four minutes before and after your whitening treatment.

Question 6 ~ Is tooth whitening ever a bad idea for certain people?

The Encinitas cosmetic dentist will advise against tooth whitening in the event that you present with an oral bacterial infection, gum disease, cavities or aggressive teeth wear as a result of Bruxism (teeth-grinding). Pregnant and breast-feeding women are also advised by the Encinitas cosmetic dentist to avoid tooth whitening, as well as people with bleach-resistant ceramic restorations (crowns, veneers, etc.)