Anti-Infectives to Acquire Top Slot in Indian Therapeutics by 2013

The Anti-Infectives therapeutics market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 14% during 2010-2013, says RNCOS in its latest research study.

As per our latest research report titled “Booming Pharma Sector in India”, the Anti-Infectives therapeutics market in India has been growing stupendously in recent years and is projected to see a CAGR of around 14% between 2010 and 2013. In coming years, the escalation of the industry is expected to continue, owing to the development of novel drug classes and increased R&D investments in this therapeutic category. Although India remains to be a leading generic drug manufacturer globally, the Anti-Infectives segment benefits from a limited generics competition.

We have found that the growth in the Anti-Infectives category will also be driven by the growing awareness about various diseases among the Indian population. Further, high prevalence of some viral diseases such as HIV will also augment the growth.

Besides this, we have done extensive research and prudent analysis of the Indian pharma market in order to provide better understanding of the factors that will continue to serve as growth drivers for the market over the coming years. Our research indicates that the Indian pharmaceutical market has immense potential of growth due to the increasing growth of the pharma outsourcing industry and the bioinformatics industry. Further, various factors such as growing healthcare spending and growth in the obligatory and voluntary insurance schemes have been resulting into the increasing usage of high-priced drugs in the country. Moreover, infectious diseases are on the rise and India has transformed itself into a conducive environment for clinical trials, which will further pave the way for the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the country. Our research unfolds various other drivers that would safeguard and promote the further growth of the industry.

Our report “Booming Pharma Sector in India” provides an extensive research and rational analysis along with reliable statistics of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The report provides a thorough statistical and analytical overview on the market, and gives past, present and future data on the entire structure, composition and working of the Indian pharmaceutical market. The research extensively discusses the opportunities and challenges that are expected to arise within and from the pharmaceutical market. The report also elaborates the emerging sectors, regulatory environment and prudent analysis of the distribution system in the pharmaceutical industry. It extensively discusses current market trends industrial developments and competitive landscape so as to enable clients to understand the market structure and its expected progress in coming years. The report also gives a brief overview of the demographics and healthcare profile to adjudge the pharmaceutical market in terms of demand, expenditure and possible future direction.