Angel MedFlight To Make New Orleans Trip

Angel MedFlight will be an exhibitor at the upcoming Case Management Society of America's national conference in New Orleans. Read why it&#039…

It’s that time again when Angel MedFlight rekindles old friendships and makes new ones. We are packing up the marketing materials and giveaway items and heading to the Crescent City. The world’s leading air ambulance service is jetting to New Orleans this week for the Case Management Society of America’s national conference.

“We are excited to put names to faces in the industry and meet new case managers,” says Jackie Martinez, who heads Angel MedFlight’s business development team. She’s also looking forward to meeting with case managers with whom the company has built a solid relationship with over the years. Case managers are often the link between a patient and Angel MedFlight’s bedside-to-bedside service and we work hard to simplify the process for them.

Martinez says, “Instead of case managers having to call the insurance companies and look for coverage for an air ambulance transport and see what is available, all you have to do is give us a call and our flight coordinators handle it all for you from A to Z.” Martinez says our flight coordinators know all the right questions to ask when they call the insurance companies and our clinical liaisons will write the letters of medical necessity.  Our flight coordinators are “calling the physician’s office, they’re calling the sending and receiving facilities, they’re dealing with the FBOs, they’re dealing with every detail of the flight.”

“I think a lot of people have heard of Angel MedFlight but we want to let them know what’s behind the brand and let them know that we are, what I consider, the best in the industry,” says Martinez.

The CMSA national conference also gives Angel MedFlight an opportunity to tell case managers about our newest aircraft, the Citation X, which is the world’s fastest civilian aircraft in its class. This jet allows Angel MedFlight to transport patients faster than ever before and facilitates travel to Hawaii, Africa and the Middle East. Speaking of Hawaii, Martinez wants all in attendance to stop by our booth and enter to win a free trip for two to Hawaii.  When at the booth, make sure to also check out our new touchscreen kiosk and have a photo taken of yourself as a member of our flight crew.

Martinez says it’s important for the company to exhibit at the CMSA national conference in order to get feedback. “We love to hear a case manager that comes up to us and says they’ve used us before. The first question we ask is ‘How was that experience? Because that is top-notch information and it can help us to constantly improve.”

If you will be attending the CMSA national conference in New Orleans, make certain to stop by the Angel MedFlight exhibit booth to enter the contest for the free trip to Hawaii along with great giveaways that include designer tote bags and premium cosmetics. We’ll see you in the Big Easy!