Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome – Symptoms And Treatment

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome refers to signs that come about in an alcohol addict that has either decreased or completely stopped the drinking of alcohol. T…

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome refers to symptoms that come about in an alcohol addict that has either decreased or totally stopped the drinking of alcohol. These signs or symptoms often take place after an individual has been involved in alcohol addiction for a long period of time. Extreme consumption of alcohol often lead to tolerance and physical dependence. If not appropriately taken care of, alcohol withdrawal can be deadly. Withdrawal syndrome consist of seizures and delirium tremens.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome always differ from one human being to another. It could be minor or life threatening. mild symptoms involve sleep disturbance and apprehension while life threatening conditions comprise of visual hallucinations and convulsions which can result in loss of life. The severity of these conditions is largely fixed by various factors like age, genetics as well as level or time-span of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can also be prolonged. This is when the conditions persist beyond the regular stage. This is more often than not the case when the conditions continues for at least a year after the addict has stopped the intake of alcohol. Some symptoms of protracted syndrome include irrepressible desire for alcohol, nausea, insomnia, vomiting or headache to cite just a few.

It is extremely recommended that you or a family member suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome visit a reputable health center to acquire assistance. A lot of health centers in existence always make use of what is often known as Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA) protocol to decide the intensity of withdrawal present in an alcohol addict. This will be of assistance to them to establish the form and amount of medicine required to control the crisis. It is very necessary for you to give explanation about the exact symptom you are experiencing to the health care provider so as to acquire the vital assistance.

Besides, it is highly recommended to visit any good and reliable alcohol rehab center in existence. There are experts at these centers that are well trained to help you out of this problem. A few of them consist of medical professionals, psychologist or food professionals. All these and other specialists in the center will help you, your mind or body to adjust to a life without alcohol. There are several process involved in completely stopping the intake of alcohol. You will require the help of professionals in the process in an effort to come out successfully. The process is not something that you or an inexperienced person can do. Look around or on the internet for a center that is affordable and offer quality service.