Advantages and disadvantages of various tooth whitening products

Whitening of teeth is the latest addition to modern dental health care.

Whitening of teeth is the latest addition to modern dental health care. This renowned dental treatment is regarded to be a revolutionary one because ever since its invention it has pleasantly converted the dark smiles into chic and adorable ones. If a look is given to the time when this treatment came into existence it could be termed as a highlighting point for cosmetic dentistry. Although, tooth whitening is termed to be the landmark in the field of cosmetic dentistry yet there are some advantages and disadvantages in relation to whitening products. After all it’s true that all that served in silver plate is not gold. Teeth whitening chewing gums: Advantages : • There is no issue if you regularly chew a gum; rather it is good facial exercise • No severe side effects or risk is associated • These are very easy on pocket and easily available from the chemists. Adding to this, the chewing gums improve the saliva flow and further eradicate bad breath and keep the mouth fresh and healthy. Disadvantages : • If you have made up your mind that you’ll whiten your teeth with the help of chewing gum, then keep in mind that it is going to be very tiring job as it demands long time. • It is a long tiring treatment; with so much of chewing you’d see slight change after 6 weeks or so • It is not so effective and generally one shade change is seen. Teeth Whitening tooth paste: Advantages : • If you take help of whitening paste, there is no requirement of additional effort; simple brushing technique is to be followed

• You’d not face any kind of sensitivity or pain while using. • Their price is slightly higher than normal toothpaste but is not unfriendly to pocket. Disadvantages : • Though the ads and commercial breaks promise a lot, but the truth is somewhat different and disappointing. • Many feel that there is no difference between normal toothpaste and whitening toothpaste. In house teeth whitening kits- Teeth Whitening Gels: Advantages : • Shade changes 2 to 3 shades lighter and this is effective treatment • Are easily available with chemist • No major side effects, at initial stage some might feel slight sensitivity • Easy on pocket and run for a long time, plus preferred by the dentist too Disadvantages : • The size of the tray might not fit everyone’s set; hence all may not enjoy the benefit • Some have to face pain when gel comes in contact with gums • All gels are not same, it entirely depends on brands In office teeth whitening systems: Advantages : • Termed to the best tooth whitening method results in 8 to 10 lighter shade • The treatment is carried out by the professional himself • The procedure is completely painless and the results achieved are long lasting if proper oral hygiene is maintained. Disadvantages : • Some people who went for this treatment reported blisters, cankers and swelling on lips • Some people’s teeth go sensitive however it lasts for just few days • If you go for this treatment repeatedly, your might wear out. • This treatment is comparatively heavy on pocket as compared to rest.