A Guide to Healthier Life with Alternative Medicine!

Recent years have seen the emergence of another type of treatment that is known as alternative medicine. This alternative remedy is in sharp contrast to th…

Recent years have seen the emergence of another type of treatment that is known as alternative medicine. This alternative remedy is in sharp contrast to the conventional therapy of the west. The healing methods adopted are not in line with the typical modern treatments. The alternative medicine comprises of applications of traditional ancient schools – acupuncture, use of herbs, application of ayurvedic principles etc. Diet changes are advised together with yoga practices and massages. Because these types of treatments do not come under the umbrella of mainstream medicine they have been named “alternative”.

Some others who provide health care suggest another type of practice that is known as complementary therapy. Here again the medicines administered do not belong to the conventional school of the west. Both alternative as well as complementary therapies rely on similar types of remedial measures for some specific health problems but even then there is a fundamental difference between the two schools. Complementary medicines run parallel with the conventional treatment – complements it. But alternative therapy replaces western methods.

Both alternative and complementary schools of medicines are founded on the conviction that the patient has to be treated as a whole – entire in body, mind and spirit. The treatments are not invasive and do not rely on strong drugs or surgery. Those who have failed to get total relief from their chronic ailments by following western medicine often turn to complementary or alternative systems. Sometimes one need not be a patient to turn to these two schools for help – these may be applied to live quality lives. The most commonly used method is the practice of yoga. It can improve the general health of an individual and act as a preventive measure for thwarting illnesses.

The alternative as well as complimentary medicines can be divided into four segments. Firstly there is the practice based on biology where additional nutrients, herbs and extracts are added to supplement the normal diet. Under this segment comes intake of herbs and vitamins. The second segment is based on the body and is founded on the theory of manipulation. It comprises of massage or treatment with the help of chiropractor. The third segment includes yoga where the mind and body come under intervention and the last segment is the energy zone where the principle of Reiki comes into play.

Apart from the above two therapies there are other medical systems – homeopathy, traditional Chinese systems, naturopathy and Ayurvea. Generally all the alternative types are a combination of two or more of these alternative medical systems. The systems have been scientifically developed and hence are perfectly safe apart from being reliably effective.

The holistic group comprises of a health forum for those seeking thorough information on all the schools. Options are there when selecting therapy and therapists prior to taking the final decision. The health professionals are expert guides for those hunting for proper treatment.