A Certified Nursing Assistant Education

A certified nursing assistant is basically responsible for taking proper care of different patients. The job of nursing assistant might not be one of the m…

What is basically a certified nursing assistant?

A certified nursing assistant is basically responsible for taking proper care of different patients. The job of nursing assistant might not be one of the most prestigious hospital jobs. But still a certified nursing assistant plays a vital role in providing basic nursing facilities and services in daily operations. If a certified nursing assistant provides effective services, patients are relieved to a great extent as they are being taken care of properly.

Certified nursing assistants are also known as nurses’ aides, patient care technicians, orderlies and health aides as they provide their services under the proper supervision of nurse. They help various patients to carry their daily activities effectively and are a great assistance to them. A certified nursing assistant is responsible for providing basic health care facilities such as; grooming, feeding and bathing services to a patient. They are responsible for helping out nurses in checking the medical condition of a patient and also help them in various medical equipments. Apart from this physical care they also tend to provide emotional and social support to different patients. They also brief their in-charge nurses on the current condition of a patient.

Training of a certified nursing assistant

Certified nursing assistant is a first step forward towards a proper nursing career. While training you are involved deeply in taking proper care of a patient. A certified nursing assistant also keeps in mind that the basic needs of the injured and sick are being met and they are being taken care of properly. A certified nurse training course takes only six to twelve weeks time period. You can complete certified nursing assistant training course from a medical facility or community college. The basic skills given during classroom training include

  • Nursing skills

  • Physiology

  • Anatomy

  • Infection control

  • Nutrition

Certification of nursing assistant

Rules and regulations for a nursing assistants certification varies greatly from one state to another. Most of the CNA training programs also offer certification exam.

Salaries of certified nursing assistants

According to statistics of various salary ratios, most of the certified nursing assistants are earning between twenty five thousand and thirty thousand U.S dollars. While the top earning certified nursing assistants make above thirty thousand U.S dollars. The most important factor which determines the pay of a certified nursing assistant is their exact location of employment and their total years of working.

Certified nursing assistants work in different nursing homes, mental health care providers, assisted basic living facilities, private homes and hospitals. The opportunities of employment in the field of certified nursing assistants are quite vast, as there are numerous aging people and they require basic health care facilities.

Career outlook

According to the statistics of Labor employment bureau, the career of nursing assistants will increase by nineteen percent by the year 2018. Home health service providers are the most in demand, as majority of the people prefer comfortable treatment inside their home. Besides being comfortable this treatment also helps in saving the costs related to hospital expenditures. But still the demand for nursing assistants in hospitals will be in a higher ratio if compared to any other specific career.