5 Ways to Reduce Cholesterol with Supplements

Before you decide to reduce cholesterol with supplements, it's important that you understand that there isn't really a way to magically l…

Before you decide to reduce cholesterol with supplements, it’s important that you understand that there isn’t really a way to magically lower your cholesterol. If you want to naturally reduce cholesterol, you need to go about it holistically. It’s not just about taking supplements, but also modifying your diet, exercising, and losing the excess weight you have. In addition, you need to consider quitting your bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake.

So if you’re truly committed to lowering your numbers, then yes, you can reduce cholesterol with supplements. Remember to consult with your health care practitioner first before taking any supplements. Here’s a rundown of some supplements you can consider.

1. Fiber Supplements

Though the best way to get your daily fiber is to include it in your diet, you can also consider fiber supplements if your dietary intake isn’t enough. Fiber has been shown to reduce cholesterol effectively as it binds with the cholesterol in your body and helps eliminate it. It is also a healthy supplement that doesn’t seem to cause any side effects.

2. Fish Oil

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, a healthy type of fat. Public health organizations recommend an intake of two to three servings of fish weekly to help lower cholesterol. But if you cannot eat fish, then you can consider taking fish oil supplements.

3. Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast contains a compound called moncaolin K, which is an active ingredient in a cholesterol-lowering drug called lovastatin. So many experts truly believe in its ability to improve blood cholesterol levels. It is wise to use caution when supplementing with red yeast rice, however, as it may also cause side effects such as those you get with statin drugs.

4. Green Tea

Though not yet conclusive, green tea has been known for its anti-oxidant properties and is linked with reducing cholesterol level. But most experts say that it doesn’t really cause a big drop, so you may not really get the results that you’re after with green tea.

5. Niacin

Niacin or Vitamin B3 has been proven to increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. So it’s definitely a good way to reduce cholesterol with supplements. But again, use caution with this vitamin as it’s been known to cause side effects such as skin flushing and liver damage.

Always remember to use caution if you want to reduce cholesterol with supplements. This is because different people can get different effects, so you may not get exactly what you want and you may even get nasty side effects. So make sure to consult with a health care practitioner before going on any supplement intake.